IT Park Deputy Director spoke to Plekhanov University students

Today, on February 10, 2020, IT Park Deputy Director on Innovation Abdulakhad Kuchkarov visited the branch of G. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Tashkent, where he made a presentation titling “Startup – the ecosystem in Uzbekistan” and spoke about the role of IT Park in development the field of information technologies in the nation.

In the meeting context being held at the university’s coworking center, a number of important issues had been discussed related to the importance of creating startups in Uzbekistan. Students showed great interest toward this topic, asked a lot of useful and interesting questions, and in general, showed themselves on a positive and active side.

Abdulakhad Kuchkarov also told students about the activities IT Park is accomplishing, startups that have passed the first wave of incubation and acceleration programs, effective and fruitful methods for becoming a successful startup in the realities of our country.

IT Park arranged a sight tour for students from Syrdarya region

Within the third initiative scope related to the five initiatives of the Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev targeted to increase youth interest toward information technology, on February 8, 2020,  IT Park held a sight tour for students from the Syrdarya branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies.

Students had been introduced with the IT Park activities whereby incubation and acceleration programs, residency, IT-Academy, IT centers, as well as a range of projects, competitions and hackathons were implemented.

Special attention was given to the “One million Uzbek Coders” project, which is mainly performed by the IT Academy under IT Park. The guests were told about the degrees of training on the online platform, and plus the 150 best students who completed the courses will be able to receive free grants for continuing their studies in the field of information technology from “Udacity”.

IT Park staff arranged a training in Children Home #30

According to the third initiative of the five initiatives promoted by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, targeted to increase interest in information technology and computer literacy among the youth of our country, on February 7, 2020, responsible employees of IT Park held a training for pupils of Children Home #30 in Tashkent.

At the training, IT Park staff spoke about the organization’s activities and how to become a successful IT specialist and create own startup.

Another important speech topic was the “One million Uzbek Coders project” which gives everyone a chance to take free online training and receive certificates confirming their skills.

Plus, children expressed their interest toward the areas of e-sports and robotics related to IT-Centers under IT Park.

IT Park met with Atos company representatives from Russia

Within their road show scope in Tashkent, Atos company representatives from its Russian branch visited IT Park on February 6, 2020.

During their visit the esteemed guests were familiarized with the activities of IT Park, plus both parties discussed chances and directions by what further bilateral cooperation is seen possible.

At the end of the meeting, Atos representatives noted the importance of IT Park branch projects in the regions, the tremendous role of support from the state and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in personal.

IT Park held a meeting with Georgian GIS company

[February 6, 2020] IT Park met with the Georgian company called Georgian Integrated Systems (GIS). This visit for the company was the second in a row to the IT Park. The first meeting took place in October, 2019.

It is noteworthy that GIS representatives responded positively to the many changes that have happened in IT Park. Above all, the GIS representatives especially pointed out the scale of the construction of the new IT Park project, that is expected to accomplished by 2022, and also noted that project in terms of scale is fundamentally different from the original concept.

Within the visit scope, a range of issues related to the cooperation of the parties have been discussed.

On meeting with USAID organization representatives

On February 6, 2020, IT Park met with USAID representatives on the Future Growth Initiative (FGI) project related to the developing entrepreneurship and the business environment.

The objective of the Future Growth Initiative (FGI) project is to create a dynamic growth for economic activity in Central Asia, including such countries like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan.

It aims to develop sectors related to the field of information and communication technologies, light industry and tourism.

It is noteworthy that within this visit, a range of key factors for the development of entrepreneurship and the business environment in the nation have been discussed by both parties, namely: the possibility of conducting trainings with the assistance of international experts with the support of USAID, the development of mentoring in the regions, the creation of trainings for potential business angels, training venture investment, creating a program to support women’s entrepreneurship, including the opportunity of arranging joint start-up events, raising digital literacy among Uzbekistan population.

Following the visit, both parties agreed on further partnership.

USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is the supreme federal government agency of the United States for foreign aid. Within the USAID mission scale  in Central Asia, it is promoting the US New Silk Road initiative in Uzbekistan, which is deemed to extend regional ties between the economies and nations of Central and South Asia to promote greater regional stability and growth.

GENESIS INNOVATION is now a resident of IT Academy

On February 5, 2020, a memorandum was signed between the IT Academy and the IT-Park resident, LLC GENESIS INNOVATION, the innovative IT company.

Since March of 2018, this company has been one of the main service providers in the field of software development and IT solutions. One of the main advantages of the company is comprehensive innovative services, industry knowledge, willingness to invest in research, qualified employees, efficient production processes, and plus long-term partnerships with global companies.

The signing of this memorandum is targeted at further extension of the IT field in the country, advanced training, creation of fair conditions for IT specialist’s employment and their preparation, and surely, further cooperation and exchange of experience.

IT Park Uzbekistan participated in PDL Enpact program in Germany

During January 19-25, 2020, IT Park Uzbekistan team took part in the Program Design Learning session, that had been held in Berlin. The main goal of this program is to develop a startup ecosystem in Uzbekistan. Within their one week stay, the IT Park team joined a series of workshops and practical classes that related to the teaching of program design.

Plus, during their stay, they visited a range of companies and organizations involved in the development of the startup ecosystem like rent24 coworking centers, European School of Management and Technology, Motion Lab, Silicone Alley and Startup Incubator at Simens & Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Within their trip to Germany, the IT Park team made up 2 projects for further development in Uzbekistan, precisely: Corporate Innovators Team (CIT) – a project aimed at developing the project employment of university professors in a team with their students, Female Empowerment Project (FEP) – project aimed at developing women’s entrepreneurship.

Program Design Learning (PDL) was arranged by Enpact, a German non-profit organization, on behalf of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) as part of “The Sustainable Economic Development in the selected Regions of Uzbekistan” program.

First branch of IT Park to open in Gulistan

On February 5, 2020, IT Park Director Farhod Ibragimov and IT Center Centers Director under IT Park Nodir Alibekov met with Anvar Karimov, the First Deputy Governor of the Syrdarya Region for Economics and Entrepreneurship, and Jahongir Ibrohimov, the Deputy Governor of the Syrdarya Region for Industrial Development, Capital Construction, Communications and Communal Services.

They had discussed the concept of the future branch of IT Park, which is supposed to be located in the city of Gulistan along Samarkand street. It is noteworthy that the area of the construction to equal to 1,800 square meters, and this in return will give chance to create over 120 new jobs in the region.

The two-floor building is expected to house: a coworking zone, a conference hall, an event zone, a lab, a media studio, lecture rooms, e-sports and robotics classrooms, an IT Center and so on.

The construction of the building is planned to get finished in February, 2020.

First-ever Online Pre-Accelerator Launch in Uzbekistan!

IT Park launches first-ever an online pre-acceleration program in Uzbekistan. The goal is to help more people interested in creating startups via the IT Park educational program.

It is a free educational program in Uzbek for beginners related to the field of information technology.

The program is designed for those who have no chance go through the IT Park incubation or acceleration program because of their location (another city or country), their major occupation (study, work, etc.) or other reasons.

This online course made of short and informative author’s video lessons where successful entrepreneurs and specialists in Uzbekistan pursue lectures and render master classes. The lessons are intended for people interested in creating their own business and for experienced entrepreneurs who want to get more information to develop their product.

The main topics of the course are as follows: creating a successful team, competent project management, creating MVP, market research, creating a business plan, registering a company, attracting investments.

Course duration: one month

To join the online pre-accelerator, you must register on the following website:

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