1. How to get into the program of incubation and acceleration?

In order to participate in the incubation and acceleration programs, you must fill in the application form on our website (https://it-park.uz/startup-application-form/).

2. I have an idea, why should I go to IT Park?

You can get a competent and professional help on developing your idea and create an MVP (minimum viable product) by highly qualified experts of IT Park.

3. I have a great idea, but I have not built MVP. Can I apply?

In this case, you can submit your application for an incubation program, where we will help you to transform your idea into an MVP (minimum viable product).

4. Does the incubation program guarantee the proceeding to the acceleration program?

The decision on admission to the acceleration program is made by the selection committee and will depend on achievement indicators of the start-up project during the incubation.

5. Is it necessary for the team to stay on the IT Park territory during the acceleration program?

It depends on the project and the acceleration program will be formed individually according to each startup project.

6. What is the duration of the incubation and acceleration programs?

The incubation program lasts up to three months. The duration of the acceleration program depends on the specific project and minimum period of stay for acceleration program is three months.

7. What criteria are used to evaluate my application?

The following criteria are used for selection into the incubation program:

A. Uniqueness of the Idea: Is Your concept or the idea is a new, unique and disruptive?

Is your concept or Idea is going enhance/improvise the existing Product or Service?


B. Product Advantage: Is Your Idea or Concept creating a new need to customer?

Will it have definite advantage over the existing competitor product or service in easy of usage, enhancing the life cycle, reduce or


C. Business Model: How easily it can be made with existing Technology?

How and Where it can find market- only for Local use or for Global use?


D. Quality of Team: Are you or your team has the required Technical Skill set?

Are you or any of the team member is working or had worked in similar industry?

8. If my application has not been selected, can I re-apply?

If your startup project is not accepted, you can modify it and submit the application again.

9. I have several projects, can I submit several applications at once?

Each startup team can submit only one application for participation in incubation and acceleration programs.

10. How to become a resident of IT Park?

In order to become a resident of IT Park, you must fill in the application form on our website (Residence Application).

11. Only projects from Uzbekistan are allowed to participate in the selection?

Both local and foreign projects are allowed to participate, as long as they meet the criteria for IT Park’s selection.

12. What is a Demo Day?

Demo Day is the final presentation of your product/service after completion of the acceleration program in front of a special commission, resulting in the selection of the project for further financing.

13. Our team plans to attract investment. Can we count on you?

Startup projects that have successfully completed the acceleration program will take part in Demo Day. You will have the opportunity to attract investments, since representatives of state and private venture capital funds will be present during the Demo Day.

14. When is the application deadline?

Application is open for one month from the date of the announcement of the applications.

15. How long does the selection process take?

The selection of applicants will last 20 working days after the deadline of application.

16. I am a single initiator. Can I get accepted or do you only look for teams?

Yes, for the incubation program you can apply even if you are a single initiator and able to create an MVP. For the acceleration program we strongly recommend you to have a team at least of 2 persons.

17. Will applicants be notified?

All applicants will be notified by email.

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