A mentor is an experienced entrepreneur or a highly qualified specialist who understands
the tasks and problems of a startup based on own experience and is ready to share experiences
and connections. A mentor usually works with teams for free or a minority stake (up to 5%).


Be at least 21 years of age

The experience of setting up a successful company or working as a top manager in a large company related to the field of IT

Competences in the field of Information Technologies

Positive business/career reputation

Frequency and duration of engagement:

Each mentor should not have more than
2-3 Incubatee

1 mentor per startup.

At least 30 hours in total and divided into 16 weeks

3 hours per week for the first 4 weeks of the initial collaboration

2 hours per week for the next 6 weeks mentor on boarding.

6 hours are reserved for supporting other startups within the mentor's expertise

Mentor-mentee match making will take place once the startups are selected.

Number of mentors in the IT Park mentor pool exceeds the number of startups, therefore mentor spots can be guaranteed after the mentor-mentee matching

Tasks during the meeting:

Following are suggested tasks to be completed during the meeting:

  • Discuss overall experience of the Incubate with particular attention to any concerns raised.
  • Review logbook or portfolio with the Incubate to determine whether the Incubate is on target of meeting the goals.
  • Revisit earlier concerns or unresolved issues, if any;
  • Explore any factors seriously interfering with mentoring.
  • Document excerpts of the interaction in the logbook Mandatory reporting to Program Director or Head of the Department.
  • Consecutive absence from three scheduled meetings without any valid reasons.
  • Unprofessional behavior.
  • Consistent underperformance in spite of counseling.
  • Serious psychological, emotional or health problems that may potentially cause unsafe for growth.
  • Any other serious concerns by the mentor.
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