Who is startup tracker?

A tracker is an important link related to the incubation and acceleration programs of IT Park. He guides, coordinates a fresh startup, helping to carry out it step by step from the “idea” to the “minimum viable product” and its launch on the market.

The tracker is responsible for the professional development of the incubation and acceleration program participant under his / her instruction.

Tracking is the process whereby a tracker provides support to a program participant, gives assistance and coordinates the work of a startup to transform his idea into a product or service.

Tracking in IT PARK

Trackers tasks:

Businessman with report chart up forward to financial profit growth of stock market investment.
  • The primary task of the tracker is to develop professional relations with the designated participant in the incubation / acceleration program within the specified period.
  • The tracker provides focus and helps in decision making.
  • A tracker helps the leader build communication with and within the team.
  • The tracker shares his experience with the team.
  • The tracker provides support in solving organizational and technical issues.
  • The tracker keeps confidential about the program participant.

In-meeting tasks:

  • The tracker can work both individually with the head of the company, and with the whole team.
  • At the meeting investigate the current situation, goals and plans, what the team is doing and why, to formulate priorities for the next week.
  • Discuss any technical and organizational problems, and make appropriate decisions.
  • Monitor the program participant to determine if there is progress towards the goals.

What does the tracker need?


  • Great practical experience
  • Manager skills
  • Diagnostics and business strategy
  • Experience in economics and sales
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

A tracker must have competence in:

  • Management
  • Finance and Law
  • Marketing and PR
  • IT and Technology
  • Product Architecture


IT Park is conducting a training sessions on “Tracker” direction, where future trackers will have chance to systematize their knowledge and experience and, for sure, learn a lot about startup projects operation: e.g. principles of business modeling, methodology and checklists, define a team incentives and motives to finally help startups achieve their goals!

Following the training, trackers will work with the IT Park startup teams upon incubation and acceleration programs!

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