IT Park is not just a place where startup projects and IT solutions are engaged, IT Park is first of all a large and close-knit team that, with burning eyes, goes to a common goal and strives for development!

Career in IT Park is not incomprehensible, our doors are always open for new minds who do not want to stand still and do not know how to give up.

Career at IT Park

Here we want to see ambitious people with confident communication skills that share our values!

1. A place for your growth
  • We provide opportunities for your personal and professional growth within the organization. Additionally, promotion system exists for each employee so they can learn as much as possible and prove their loyalty to the team.
  • We value all members of our team
  • We create a working environment in which everyone can perform their duties accurately and on time
  • Every employee of our organization is in equal conditions. We do not discriminate and separate anyone
2. Safety and stability

The organization offers its employees a safe and stable working environment. All, what you need to succeed!

3. The organization is committed to success

Despite the fact that your professional success will largely depend on you, we can do several things that will help you achieve good results. These include everything from in-depth training to goal setting and regular feedback. These factors are especially important when you are just starting your career.

4. With us you will challenge in a positive way

We provide an opportunity to learn and grow. The employee works not only on the territory of IT Park, but also outside its territory. Thus, we take our employees out of the comfort zone - after all, this is one of the best ways to acquire new skills and find out how professional you are and whether you are ready to face challenges.

5. 3 health care

Employees are provided with medical insurance

6. Training

At the expense of the company you can undergo training and participate in a variety of seminars and conferences - especially those that may be useful for your work

In what direction do you see yourself as a potential employee or trainee of IT Park?
  • support for residents
  • development of a startup ecosystem
  • PR and marketing
  • international relations and investment attraction
  • control and information processing
  • legal service
  • accounting
  • Human Resources Department
  • HR