Online Education

Incubation program

The basis of any startup project is an idea that came into an initiator. The idea is what people come to the incubation program with. You come up with your cool idea and the incubation program cultivates it to the final product, ready for "consumption".

The program is designed for 3 months and provides your startup project with the following bonuses:

01. Comfortable office
02. Work with professional mentors
03. Consultation of lawyer
04. Accounting support
05. Active networking with successful entrepreneurs
06. Unlimited access to business events

Acceleration program

You have a prototype of your idea, a team of specialists has been assembled, and you need to get funds and turn the project into a real business in order to achieve the goals that you set. If so, then you definitely need an acceleration program.

The program provides unique access to the active development of your startup project through obtaining not only business expertise from the coolest mentors - professionals, but also the following opportunities:

01. Formalization of the product as a property
02. Get legal advice
03. Access to the investment area
04. Get marketing support
05. Development of a wide affiliate network
Our start-ups
Consulting farmers in the countryside.
Library Automation Project.
Aggregator of events and activities.
We offer a smart, safe, security system for your car.
An online food delivery service.
Platform aggregator. API for retailers and couriers.
An innovative parcel delivery service.
An innovative solution for the diagnosis and detection of mammary cancer.
A project for the service of accepting non-cash payments using smartphones as POS.
A project to find medical facilities, doctors and medical services at the best price and location.
IoT meteo station for monitoring weather conditions.
An online accounting service for small and medium-sized businesses.
Online platform for goods and outlets in Uzbekistan.
Automate data from identity cards.
A device for monitoring patients.
A web platform where professionals provide video courses for students at fairly low prices.
Feedback for business owners.
Supermarket Visitor Tracking System and Behavioral Analysis.
A platform for solving the problems of your city.
Automated online service for submitting tax reports.
Service to find specialists for your projects and plans.
A project that allows you to see the beauty of Uzbekistan in the format of a 360 spherical panorama.
This is a B2B platform that helps stores order goods from distributors via smartphones.
A system of accounting of working hours, personnel management and ensuring the safety of the company and its employees.
a project on online teaching foreign languages ​​and programming.
Platform for freelancers.
Service for finding drugs in pharmacies of Uzbekistan.
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Our team
Jakhongir Radjabov
Chief Innovation Officer
Farrukh Maksumov
Head of Startup Ecosystem Development Department
Anastasia Filippova
Head of Digital Transformation Department
Ismina Sultanova
Project Manager