Residents of IT Park are IT companies and IT training centers, which can receive a number of significant advantages. These include:

Income tax


Corporate tax


Unified Social Payments


Customs payments when importing goods for own needs

Comfortable office premises from 15 m2

Subsidized rent

Access to high speed internet

Uninterruptible power supply

24 hour security

Our team
Искандар Хусанов
Начальник отдела поддержки и продвижения резидентов
Лазиз Худаев
Head of the department of registration and monitoring of residents
Шахло Мирзахмедова
Менеджер по правовому сопровождению резидентов
Руфина Исмаилова
Head of Resident Registration Department
Гулямов Джамшид
Manager for the promotion of resident products in government agencies
Комола Рузметова
Resident Relations Manager
Юсупов Дониер
Менеджер по сотрудничеству с резидентами