IT Park Uzbekistan took part in the Customer Contact Week 2024 Forum

The Customer Contact Week 2024 Forum, which took place between 3-6 June, saw the presence of representatives from IT Park Uzbekistan engaging in fruitful conversations with various prominent companies. 

Customer Contact Week (CCW) is a global occasion devoted to Client Experience. It is a huge social event for pioneers in the field of client contact who are looking for the latest gadgets, headways and methodologies that will allow them to show up at new levels in business. 

Among the notable participants were Arise Virtual Solutions, Alorica, Transcom, TTEC, Sellence, Nutun, Premier BPO, Intelcia, IGT Solutions, Startek, Corporate Advisory Solutions, Acquire BPO, Xira, Sanas, IA Solutions, and Zingly. 

These discussions were aimed at fostering potential partnerships and exploring opportunities for collaboration. The primary objective of the meeting was to showcase the capabilities and offerings of IT Park Uzbekistan to key decision-makers in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. 

Throughout the event, extensive networking took place, leading to promising connections and follow-up meetings being scheduled. The engagement with representatives from renowned outsourcing companies revealed a keen interest in exploring initiatives and potential partnerships with Uzbekistan. 

The follow-up meetings with companies such as RFA and Simplify VMS indicate a growing interest and further potential collaborations on the horizon. This event not only raised awareness about IT Park Uzbekistan but also paved the way for future business opportunities and partnerships that could benefit both parties involved.

The forum proved to be a valuable platform for IT Park Uzbekistan, providing recognition and arousing considerable interest in their endeavors. As a key result, more than ten companies showed interest in the Uzbek market and expressed a desire to participate in the upcoming summer event - the Global Business Services Forum to discuss potential partnerships that may result from these new connections