Japanese company Friendly Tech plans to open an office in Uzbekistan

The head office of IT Park Uzbekistan hosted a meeting between representatives of IT Park Uzbekistan led by Makhliyo Muxinova, Director of Service Export Development, and Japanese company Friendly Tech Co., Ltd, represented by CEO Toshiyuki Kudo.

Founded in 2020, Friendly Tech Co., Ltd specializes in information technology and development of digital automation systems, as well as human resources development.

During the meeting, Friendly Tech representatives expressed their intention to register a legal entity in Uzbekistan and become a resident of the IT Park. Uzbekistan, as its outsourcing hub, was chosen by the company for a reason – more than 12,000 people in our country are proficient in Japanese, and each year, the IT market grows by at least 125,000 specialists.

Upon obtaining the resident status, Friendly Tech is planning to employ Uzbek IT professionals and export IT services to the Japanese market.

Furthermore, an agreement was reached under which Friendly Tech will assist in increasing the visibility of Uzbekistan in the Japanese technology market. Initial fruits of cooperation are already evident – another visit is scheduled for June 24 of the current year with the participation of Japanese company Toppan Digital, which is new to the Uzbek market. They are interested in the technological sector of Uzbekistan and are impressed by the investment policy and openness of the government.

Intimate cooperation with Friendly Tech opens new prospects for fortifying partnerships between the countries of Uzbekistan and Japan and will also make a substantial contribution to the evolution of the IT sector in Uzbekistan.