New Perspectives and Opportunities: Important Meeting between IT Park Uzbekistan and Mplus

Representatives from the Turkish branch of Mplus paid a visit to Uzbekistan to familiarize themselves with the country’s infrastructure and the market of specialists. The main objective of the trip is to conduct an assessment and preparatory stages for launching business operations in Uzbekistan.

As part of the visit, a meeting took place between representatives of IT Park, led by General Director Farhod Ibragimov and the management of the Turkish office of Mplus — Hakan Saran, Ogan Atasagun, Baris Sanlioglu, and Burak Akar.

Mplus, founded in 2007 and based in Zagreb, Croatia, stands as a renowned leader in business process outsourcing and call center services. With a turnover of $236 million in 2023 and a workforce comprising 15,000 employees, the company operates successfully across 15 countries, delivering high-caliber services to global clientele.

During the meeting, participants deliberated on various facets of the proposed project, including the selection of suitable office locations in Uzbekistan and residency terms for the company. Representatives from the Turkish delegation expressed interest in the Zero Risk program, with the inaugural branch in Uzbekistan assumed to be situated in the Tashkent region or Samarkand. Furthermore, preliminary interviews were conducted with candidates for further employment at their new call center.

The incorporation of Mplus in Uzbekistan has the potential to significantly bolster the nation’s standing as a premier outsourcing hub, as well as assist in creating new employment opportunities for our fellow citizens.