Open Data Challenge Hackathon winners determined

From January 27 to 29, a large-scale hackathon “Open Data Challenge 2022” was held in the capital city, organized by IT Park, the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan and the Virtual Group IT company with the support of the Statistics Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Anti-Corruption Agency and Akfa University.

The competition was attended by 265 people (17 girls and 248 boys), who were divided into 97 teams. Each of the teams worked on their own project in the following areas: public sector — 16, social sector — 40, business sector — 31, anti-corruption — 10.

68 out of 97 teams reached the final presentation at Demo Day, which proves the high preparedness and professionalism of the contestants.

Demo Day was held in two stages, after which the best projects in each direction were selected. According to the results of the juryʼs assessments, the following teams became the winners of the hackathon:

  • 1st place – (anti-corruption): the Tzeentch team (Boris Soifer, Alexander Shabanov, Igor Dostavalov) – a project to identify buildings that are not included in the cadastral register in order to identify illegal buildings;
  • 2nd place (social sector): Cookies (Maftuna Ziyamova, Malika Rakhimova, David Alkamyan) – a mobile application to help victims of domestic violence;
  • 3rd place (public sector): Realcto (Alexey Mordvinov) – a platform that connects the state and universities for transparent saturation with qualified data, as well as the distribution of grants.

The winners were awarded with valuable prizes such as HP Victus Notebooks, Samsung Tab Tablets, Xiaomi Smartphones.

For a competent assessment of each project, the following experts from organizations such as Uzum, Geoalert, GDG and others were invited as mentors for the hackathon:

  • Sardor Islomov – a Senior Developer with over 5 years of experience, focusing mainly on web and mobile development. Sardor has developed various projects in the areas from Internet of things to e-commerce. Currently working as a developer at Super Dispatch;
  • Azamat Mazhidov — Android Development, backend developer, mobile app developer. Works as Android Instructor at Najot taʼlim;
  • Kakhramon Niyazkhadjaev – Chief Inspector of the Department for Analysis and Monitoring of Anti-Corruption Systems;
  • Nuruddin Iminohunov – Product Manager at EPAM Systems, representative of GDG Uzbekistan;
  • Yanik-Yakovlev Ernest — Project manager at the Qiwi company;
  • Bohodir Akhmedov – Dean of the AI ​​Department at Akfa University;
  • Doniyor Maksumov – Head of the Department of the Center for the Development of the Electronic Government System – “Development of a new version of the Open Data Portal of Uzbekistan”;
  • Akrom Sultanov – Representative of the Executive Committee of the International Open Data Charter;
  • Robert Vaganyan – Product lead at UzumBank;
  • Dmitry Filipyev – Lead analytics at Uzum Bank;
  • Andrey Pirogov – founder of the GISGeo professional community – the largest Russian-speaking community about geoanalytics; 15 years of professional experience in marketing geoinformation software in the global market. Marketing Director at GeoAlert;
  • Semyon Popov – a sales analyst and head of the sales department.  More than 30 projects have passed through it at different stages (bringing a product to the market, expanding the market, building cross-sale and upsale) and different niches (from selling SaaS solutions to electronics distributors and flower delivery networks).