The outcomes of the first pitch session of startups for commercial banks of Uzbekistan

In order to foster the venture and startup ecosystem, and to fortify collaboration between major banks in Uzbekistan and startup founders, the inaugural pitch session convened on May 14, during which representatives from 16 prominent commercial banks of the republic were introduced to presentations showcasing 13 startup projects.

The participants of this pitch session comprised both nascent and established projects, offering their technological solutions tailored to diverse sectors and economic domains.

Particularly, the showcased projects encompassed domains such as financial technologies, education, electronic commerce, artificial intelligence, and business process automation.
The startups that presented at the session were as follows:

Sug'urta Bozori - An online insurance marketplace.

Jett - A digital service for realisation of shares on the stock market.

Mohirdev - An educational IT platform.

Coozin - A digital platform for self-employed individuals.

Ustabor A digital platform for self-employed individuals.

Finq - A digital marketplace for financial services.

Cradle AI - An intelligent video analytics system.

AirCaravan - A travel marketplace.

Zypl.AI - An intelligent credit assessment system.

KPI - A digital platform for personnel management and workflow automation. 

YOTO - Electric scooter rental.

Beautify - An online platform for bringing together all participants in the beauty industry of Uzbekistan.

The Mind - Corporate treasury system.

Moreover, within the framework of the event, a representative from Plug and Play Uzbekistan presented an overview of the company’s operations within Uzbekistan and shared their experience in collaborating with leading global banks.

Furthermore, during the pitch session, proposals were made for closer cooperation between banks and startups, thereby opening new avenues for the advancement of the banking sector and the enhancement of its service levels and technologies. Specifically, recommendations were made to develop pilot initiatives for integration within banking institutions, to assess proposals for integrating startup products as part of the digitization of banking services, and to support initiatives for conducting regular pitch sessions between startups and banks. This, in turn, contributes to the innovative development of the financial sector in the region and attracts new investments into startups from Uzbekistan’s banking institutions.