The World Bank Digital Development Director studies the activities of the IT Park’s residents

Last week, IT Park Uzbekistan hosted a delegation from the World Bank officials led by Ms. Christine Qiang, World Bank Digital Development Director. The purpose of their visit was to study the preparation for implementing the Uzbekistan Digital Inclusion Project, implemented by the Ministry of Digital Technologies and the IT Park with the financial support the World Bank. This was Ms. Christine Qiang’s first visit to Uzbekistan.

Ms. Qiang visited five IT Park residents, including MAAB Innovation and EPAM Systems in Tashkent, as well as Easy Booking, Sam IT Global, and Prime Samarkand in Samarkand.

The WB officials gained insights into the operational activities of these companies, their export potential, and the dynamics of digital technology development within IT Park residents. They were also informed about opportunities for expanding these residents’ businesses in international markets.

Ms. Qiang highlighted the importance of creating equal opportunities for professional development of IT Park residents, with a particular focus on attracting women to the IT industry and supporting their career growth.

The World Bank reiterated its readiness to consider supporting IT Park initiatives aimed at improving the digital ecosystem and expanding inclusive business practices in Uzbekistan. This partnership can significantly contribute to accelerating the country’s digital transformation, engaging citizens in the IT industry, and enhancing the country's competitiveness in the international markets.