Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference in Tbilisi: strengthening collaboration between two countries

The Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference was successfully held in Tbilisi, presenting the tech landscape of the country. The conference attracted more than 100 C-level executives, business development managers and decision makers from 70 Georgian tech companies.

Farkhod Ibragimov, CEO of IT Park Uzbekistan, and Vakhtang Butskhrikidze from TBC Bank Group delivered opening remarks, setting the stage for an informative and engaging session. Their insights highlighted Uzbekistan's skilled workforce, which includes a youthful talent pool of 21 million working-age individuals, 5 million of which are proficient in English. Human capital of Uzbekistan positions the country as a prime location for companies seeking to expand their outsourcing operations.

Attendees were provided with a comprehensive overview of the favorable tax environment, featuring 0% corporate, social, property, and land taxes. Zero Risk, another key program attracting international companies to Uzbekistan, was presented with detailed information on how to rent office spaces for free for 12 months, as well as gain salary reimbursements, and professional development costs, further reducing the barriers to entry for new businesses. 

The event featured a success story from TBC Bank, showcasing the tech landscape of Uzbekistan as well as the impressive development level of the fintech market. This was followed by a session on unlocking potential through success cases presented by member companies of IT Park Uzbekistan, demonstrating the real-world impact and opportunities available in the region.

Loialte, another partner of the event, also provided attendees with detailed information on their experience, highlighting the ease of starting business and full support from IT Park. They also emphasized the strategic location of Uzbekistan between East and West, making the country culturally diverse and flexible.

The Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference in Tbilisi presented valuable insights and fostered connections that are set to drive future growth in the IT and outsourcing sectors. As main outcomes of the event, around 10 companies expressed their interest in extending operations to the Uzbek tech market, planning to visit the country to explore the potential for growth. Additionally, 4 companies representatives are considering the Zero Risk program, which in their opinion would help with expansion.

These conferences will help Uzbekistan raise global awareness, transform the country into an IT hub, and attract more IT companies to establish offices. Consequently, many jobs will be created for our youth in the future.