A memorandum of understanding and cooperation was signed with Gyeongbuk TechnoPark and Gyeongbuk Development Institute

On March 18th, a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in the field of information technology was signed between IT Park Uzbekistan, Gyeongbuk TechnoPark, and Gyeongbuk Development Institute from the Republic of Korea.

The memorandum was signed by In Seong Ha, CEO of Gyeongbuk TechnoPark, Chul Gyun Lyou, President of Gyeongbuk Development Institute, and Abdulakhad Kuchkarov, Executive Director of IT Park Uzbekistan.

The Memorandum is directed towards fostering cooperation in the information industry of both countries. The main aspects encompass the expansion of bilateral interaction through the proactive involvement of the private sector within the IT sectors of the Republic of Korea and Uzbekistan, information exchange, administrative support to streamline exports for companies from both countries, and investment attraction.

The signing of the agreement establishes a foundation for further development of cooperation in the field of digital technologies between the Republic of Korea and Uzbekistan.