Foreign IT companies are opening their representative offices in Tashkent region

As part of the Offshore Outsourcing Tour 2024 event, a delegation from IT Park led by Sarvar Pirnazarov, Director of the IT Park branch in Tashkent region, held a series of negotiations with representatives of IT companies from Korea, China, India, Japan, UAE and other countries.

During the negotiations with Zhuang Zhiyan, Director of CJ Technology from China, an agreement was reached to establish a branch of the company in Tashkent region. It is anticipated that by the conclusion of 2024, the company will create more than 50 employment opportunities in Uzbekistan and will offer outsourcing services to the global market.

CJ Technology, founded in 2005, is an IT consulting company specializing in providing medium-sized enterprises and major corporations with solutions aimed at ensuring the seamless operation of their systems and infrastructure.

Furthermore, negotiations were conducted with Jones Joseph, the Director of Talrop, from India, who also expressed an interest in establishing a branch of his company in the Tashkent region.

Talrop is a technology company founded in 2015, with headquarters in Kochi, India. It specializes in the development of diverse hybrid ecosystems for various industries leveraging infrastructure, innovation, and talent. The company actively supports initiatives in education, technology, job creation, and entrepreneurship, with a commitment to fostering a robust ecosystem. In Uzbekistan, Talrop will focus on educating young professionals in the realm of IT, enabling them to offer high-paying IT services in the global market.   

In accordance with the “Uzbekistan-2030” strategy, signed by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev with the aim of further popularizing the IT sector among youth and increasing service exports in this field, it is planned to provide employment for 300,000 young individuals.

The establishment of representative offices by foreign IT-companies in Uzbekistan will contribute to the creation of new job opportunities and attract foreign investment into the nation, thereby fostering economic growth and enhancing the well-being of the Uzbekistan population.