In March, 37 export companies became residents of IT Park. 19 of them with the participation of foreign capital

Uzbekistan’s IT potential is becoming increasingly attractive to international investors, and the number of companies engaging in the export of their products and services abroad is growing as residents of IT Park.

In March of the current year, IT Park attracted 37 new export-oriented residents, among which 19 companies had foreign capital involvement. The founders represent Japan, South Korea, Estonia and Lithuania, India, Georgia, and CIS countries. Among the companies, 2 companies from Japan can be noted, such as “TOYBEEZ” LLC, specializing in computer game development, and “H AND K GROUP” LLC, specializing in software development and support. This underscores the effectiveness of IT Park support programs, as well as the benefits and preferences for export-oriented IT companies from the government of Uzbekistan.

The new March residents plan to export their products and services to foreign countries for an amount exceeding $10 million. Among the areas of activity are IT and BPO services, software development, game development, design, and multimedia. The main export markets will be the USA, European countries, Estonia, UAE, India, Japan, South Korea, and CIS countries.

According to the submitted business plan, 19 new foreign companies plan to create more than 1150 new jobs. Creating new jobs contributes to economic growth and improvement of the well-being of the population of Uzbekistan, increasing employment, and developing the professional skills of local specialists, making them more competitive on the world stage.

IT Park’s successes in attracting foreign companies are evidence of sustainable growth in the IT sector in Uzbekistan and demonstrate the effectiveness of the government’s strategy to stimulate investment and develop the export-oriented IT sector.

This, in turn, brings us closer to global goals: creating over 300 thousand jobs for IT specialists in the country, turning Uzbekistan into an international IT outsourcing hub, and increasing the IT service exports of the republic to $5 billion by 2030.