“Investment Club Show” took place in Tashkent and Fergana

As part of the Offshore Outsourcing Tour 2024, the Investment Club Show event took place on March 18 in Tashkent and on March 19 in Fergana, gathering over 80 prominent businessmen, investors and business angels.

The event was organized by IT Park in collaboration with the Association of Professional Investment Market Participants “Big Bear”, the investor club of Siberia, the Urals, and the Far East, as well as FinTechHub Belarus.

The event served as a platform for discussing key trends and strategies for investing in Central Asia as a whole, and Uzbekistan in particular.

The agenda included panel sessions featuring prominent industry experts, during which pertinent issues of the venture market in Central Asia were deliberated upon.

Furthermore, startups from Uzbekistan and Belarus had the opportunity to present their projects, with investors providing feedback on the development of the showcased ideas.

The “Investment Club Show” not only served as a platform for discussing investment issues, but also a venue for cultivating novel and promising partnerships. The event effectively demonstrated Uzbekistan’s investment potential and its preparedness to develop the startup ecosystem.