IT Park residents have developed a Mobile-ID project that will simplify the use of electronic digital signatures


Mobile ID is a digital signature solution based on a special SIM card. This technology provides access to a wide range of easy access to public and private services remotely, as well as to personal identification.

In the Republic of Uzbekistan, there are a number of problems with the use of the current EDS, such as:

- using different EDS keys in different departments;

- easy copying of EDS by unauthorized persons, which reduces the level of security;

- inconvenient storage of EDS on USB media;

- difficult to install drivers to use a digital signature.

Therefore, the company "Digital Intellekt Solutions" LLC together with "Vades Group" LLC implemented the development of a project for the introduction of mobile identification technology Mobile-ID, the essence of which is to implement EDS on the national encryption algorithm O'zdst 1092:2009 in a special SIM card.

Mobile ID solves all the above problems and provides a number of advantages:

- with the help of the technology, it is possible to combine all EDS keys from different departments into a single SIM card;

- use of EDS with Mobile ID is available from any mobile phone;

- coverage area the use of technology - everywhere where mobile communication;

- using the technology does not require additional drivers or applications;

- high level of security, because the private encryption key is stored in an unreadable area of the SIM card and is protected by a password that is accessible only to the owner of the digital signature.

The use of this technology is simple, which will allow you to use EDS not only for legal entities, but also for individuals. EDS ensures openness and transparency of the activities of state bodies, equal access of applicants to e-government services, unification of documents of state bodies, use of unified e-government identifiers, continuous improvement of the procedure for providing e-government services, direct remote access of individuals to manage their Bank accounts, and information security.

It is also worth noting that this project "Implementation of mobile electronic digital signature (EDS) on cryptographic microprocessors embedded in sim cards" is included in the list of investment projects and promising areas in the field of electronics and electrical industry, approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Digital Intellekt Solutions LLC was founded in 2019 and is part of the Vades Group of companies. Since July 2020, he has been a resident of IT Park.

The main activity of the company is the development of innovative IT solutions to simplify the lives of citizens, improve business efficiency and solve current problems for the B2C, B2B and B2G sectors by creating modern IT products.

Contact for communication with Digital Intellekt Solutions LLC: +998901150091 (Natalia)