Representatives of IT Park Uzbekistan participated in the Central Eurasian Venture Forum 2024, held in Kazakhstan.

The Central Eurasian Venture Forum is a prominent event dedicated to fostering the development of the venture ecosystem in the Central Eurasian region. The forum provides a platform for venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts.

This year, the forum was attended by over 1,500 representatives from more than 50 countries. Among the participants were top executives and founders of IT companies, venture funds, startups, and other technology firms from countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, India, and many others. The forum served as an important platform for sharing experiences, networking, and discussing investment trends in the field of innovation and technology.

The forum saw the participation of more than 10 startups and IT companies that are residents of IT Park. Among the event speakers was Roman Lavrentyev, the Chief Operating Officer of UZUM, an IT Park resident company and Uzbekistan's first unicorn company. Mr. Roman informed forum participants about the advantages of the Uzbek market and the significant achievements of UZUM, whose services are utilized by over 12 million people in the country.

During the forum, the IT Park delegation held negotiations with international venture funds and investors, including Quest Ventures, MOST Ventures, OnPoint, White Hill Capital, and Astana Hub. IT Park representatives showcased Uzbekistan's venture ecosystem, emphasizing the rapid growth rate and th quality and quantity of Uzbek startups. The international venture funds expressed significant interest in the Uzbekistan market and investment opportunities in local startup projects, as well as in establishing joint initiatives for startup projects. These meetings have opened new avenues for new collaboration and investment in the development of Uzbekistan's IT sector.

Specifically, the founder of MOST Ventures expressed interest in collaborating and strengthening partnerships between MOST Ventures and IT Park, including the joint development of a business angels club in Tashkent.

MOST Ventures is open to conducting an accelerator program for IT Park residents with the aim of securing international contracts and facilitating the global expansion of IT Park residents.

Furthermore, negotiations were held with the Investment Director of Quest Ventures, a Singapore-based venture capital firm actively investing in startups that contribute to the development of the digital economy in Asia. During the meeting with the Investment Director of Quest Ventures, potential collaboration between venture funds of Quest Ventures and IT Park were discussed.

These meetings have a strategic impact on the further development of Uzbekistan's startup ecosystem and enhancing the country's visibility in the global IT market. Moreover, local startups will gain access to opportunities to scale their projects with the support of international experts and attract foreign investment.