Leading robot manufacturing company “NUWA Robotics” to open an office in Uzbekistan

As part of the “Offshore Outsourcing Tour 2024,” a memorandum of understanding was signed between IT Park, represented by Executive Director Abdulakhad Kuchkarov, and “NUWA Robotics,” represented by Director Hung Jui-Jen.

The agreement entails cooperation in the development of information technologies, robotics and outsourcing in Uzbekistan, the establishment of the company's branch office and the acquisition of IT Park resident status.

Founded in 2016 in China, NUWA Robotics is engaged in the development of robots capable of deep human interaction. The company specializes in artificial intelligence, software and hardware development, manufacturing and UX design of robots.

“NUWA Robotics” maintains offices in Taiwan, China, Japan, and other countries. The company’s clientele comprises entities from over 10 countries, including the United States, China, India and others. Having already deployed over twenty thousand robots worldwide, its products are utilized by more than a thousand families and educational institutions.