Startup Challenge RealSoft EcoFest 2023 Idea Contest

On March 18, the Realsoft Ecofest 2023 festival will be held in the capital city, organized by the IT Park resident RealSoft Company with the support of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, the “Yoshlar – kelajagimiz” Foundation, Doʻst communications, 139 Documentary Center and eco-blogger Mutabar Khushvaktova.

The event will be held in the Botanical Garden. The guests of the holiday are waiting lectures and master classes, watching movies, communicating with interesting people and much more. Visitors will have a great opportunity to make Tashkent even more beautiful: they will become participants in the tree planting campaign!

Additionally, RealSoft, in cooperation with the “Yoshlar – kelajagimiz” Foundation, are launching the Startup Challenge RealSoft EcoFest 2023 contest of innovative ideas! The challenge is aimed at caring for the ecology of Uzbekistan.

Contestants can be persons from 16 to 30 who have programming skills. Participants are invited to develop IT-product, system or software that can solve one of the environmental problems in the country. Your startup ideas in the form of an online presentation must be submitted by March 15, 23:59.

The prize fund of the contest is:

  • 3rd place – 5,000,000 soums;
  • 2nd place – 10,000,000 soums;
  • 1st place – 15,000,000 soums, as well as work at RealSoft as a project manager and the opportunity to develop your own IT-product with the companyʼs specialists.

Apply for the Startup Challenge RealSoft EcoFest 2023 at the link:

Admission to Realsoft Ecofest 2023 is free. Hurry up to become a part of a large-scale eco-festival!