The IT potential and talents of Uzbekistan were presented in Seoul

On April 23rd, the Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference took place in the capital of South Korea, organized by the Ministry of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan and IT Park with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Republic of Korea in partnership with the Korea Consultancy Foundation and the Korea Industry Intelligentization Association.

Countries in East Asia are increasingly demonstrating interest in Uzbekistan’s IT sector — evidenced by the active growth of foreign resident companies in IT Park from South Korea, as well as the robust engagement of representatives from IT companies. Over 120 industry experts and business delegates participated in the conference to meticulously examine Uzbekistan’s human resource potential and IT landscape.

The event commenced with an inaugural address delivered by Minister of Digital Technologies Sherzod Shermatov, who underscored the cultural congruence, industriousness, and steadfast commitment to advancement shared between the two nations, which fosters a fertile ground for strategic partnership and enduring collaboration.


Mr. Kim Nam Seok, who served as an ICT consultant at the Ministry of Digital Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 2013 to 2017, imparted insights regarding his experience in Uzbekistan and the rapidly evolving IT sector. Prior to his engagement in Uzbekistan, Mr. Kim Nam Seok held the position of the First Deputy Minister of Public Administration and Security in the Republic of Korea. During his speech, Mr. Kim Nam Sok accentuated the ongoing dialogue between the two countries across multiple spheres. He conveyed the confidence of Korean experts in the successful digital transformation of Uzbekistan and its emergence as a formidable global technology player. In conclusion, he expressed readiness to facilitate and share requisite knowledge and expertise.

Guests were presented with comprehensive measures of support created by the Uzbekistan government for IT companies: state support for opening and developing outsourcing businesses, a multilingual rich pool of talent, and tax incentives and preferences.


It is noteworthy that Uzbekistan’s IT talent market holds particular interest among representatives of South Korean companies. Qualified professionals from our country in the fields of IT, business administration, customer experience management (contact centers), finance, and others are highly sought after due to their proficiency in English and Korean languages, as well as their educational attainment. Uzbekistan is home to numerous Korean universities and educational institutions, details of which were elaborated upon by Kyung Jin Min, representative of INHA University Korea, and Lee Kwang Hun, CEO of Hancom Academy.

“We already established smart classrooms in Tashkent, and now stepping to Urgench to open our first branch and teach local people digital skills and technology”, – says Lee Kwang Hun about Hancom Academy.

Resident companies of IT Park, including the South Korean game development company Weayaa and the logistics company Geo2 IUT Global, shared successful business cases, elucidating their activities and accomplishments in Uzbekistan.

Kim Dae Keun from Weayaa remarked, “We have observed the impressive and creative designs produced by young individuals in Uzbekistan, prompting us to establish a company in the Tashkent region. We are currently recruiting employees who will be responsible for creating graphics for our games.

Representatives from Uzinfocom also expounded on their product, MyID, and its role in facilitating the digitization of both governmental services and private business processes, not only within Uzbekistan but also across neighboring countries in Central Asia.

As an IT Park resident, Fido Biznes shared their experience spanning over three decades in the Uzbekistan market, particularly in developing turnkey technological solutions for their clientele. 

The conference was closed by Mahliyo Muksinova, Director of IT Park's Export Services Development Department, who thanked the participants for their engagement and interest in Uzbekistan's IT sector and emphasized readiness to provide comprehensive support for opening outsourcing businesses by South Korean companies.

The Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference aims to showcase Uzbekistan's IT sector and human capital abroad. It is expected that at least 15 IT companies from South Korea will enter the Uzbekistan market, creating over 1000 jobs within a year.