IT Park and UzAuto announce a competition for startups! Deadline for accepting applications – October 27!
IT Park together with Uzavtosanoat JSC announces the launch of a startup project competition on the innovative UzAuto Market platform in three areas: IT, E-Auto and Smart City!

The prize fund of the contest is 60 million soums, of which 30 million soums will receive the first place, the second 20 million soums and the third 10 million soums, respectively. According to the terms of the competition, the winners will be able to manage the winnings at their discretion without any ob-ligation to the organizers.

The main requirements for the selection of applications will be: the rapid implementation of the project and the commercial viability of the development. The main goal of the projects should be: reducing costs, streamlining processes and increasing sales. You also need to pack your decision into a business product with predictable performance indicators.

In order to apply, you must fill out an electronic form and send your idea using a special form. Preference is given to those contestants who will provide a ready-made prototype of their project in the application form.

Of the total number of applications, 20 best startup projects will be se-lected, the authors of which will be able to present them on October 31 of the current year on the territory of the innovative startup platform UzAuto Market at the address: Tashkent city, Bektemir district, Husayn Baykaro street, 28A. (Toshkent shahri), Bektemir tumani, Husayn Boyqaro ko’chasi, 28A-uy)

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on October 27:

Recall that the full-fledged start-up platform UzAuto Market is the first unique project in Uzbekistan that enables young people to realize their ideas in developing new products for the automotive industry. The platform will help those inventors who today find it difficult to go from an idea to business on their own efforts and without extraneous investments, uniting young people both in our country and abroad. A start-up platform is a new form of coopera-tion between developers, manufacturers and customers, which is implemented through direct interaction.