Faces of IT Park: Shakhzod Narzullaev - From Intern to Department Supervisor

The basis for the development and success of any organization is its employees, who make a worthy contribution to improving the activities of the enterprise. That’s why the column “Faces of IT Park” has been launched, where we talk about the careers, interests and hobbies of our employees who have been working for the benefit of IT Park for several years.

The hero of the next issue was the head of the education department - Shakhzod Narzullaev. He is one of the professionals and the pride of our organization.

Shakhzod is 25 years old. He graduated from the Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov in Tashkent with a degree in Finance and Credit. At the moment, our hero is a master's student at the same university in the field of "Digital Business". Until the age of 30, Shakhzod plans to get a PhD degree.

He began his career at IT Park in September 2020 as an intern.

“I would have come to IT Park earlier if I had known about its existence at that time. It was only in 2020 that I found out about an internship opportunity at IT Park and I was interested. I applied for the job, successfully passed the interview and was hired by the startup development department, and then I was transferred to the education department. At that time I did not have a position, for a long time I worked just as an intern. It was interesting for me to come after the university. At that time, I learned a lot of new things for myself, plunged into the world of IT.”

Shakhzod is very happy to be a part of such a large-scale technology community.

“IT Park provides many opportunities for personal and professional growth of young specialists. Here you can participate in interesting projects that help change our society for the better. And this is the greatest value”.

Now Shakhzod's responsibilities include managing the educational department, within which large educational projects are carried out aimed at developing the IT industry in the country. He is also responsible for organizing events, courses and seminars that help to educate specialists and disseminate their knowledge and experience in the field of IT.

As our hero notes, he regularly monitors global trends in IT-education in order to update and improve existing programs.

“We cooperate with the world famous educational platform Coursera. The educational program includes the best courses in programming, mathematics, academic English and project management from leading international companies and universities such as Google, Intel, IBM, Yale University and Johns Hopkins University. At the end of the course, students will be awarded certificates from IT Park and Coursera. This program is aimed at providing high-quality and affordable IT-education to the general population of the country.”

In general, Shakhzod's responsibilities are aimed at helping everyone who wants to develop in the field of information technology to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of IT in order to become highly qualified and sought-after specialists.

Why IT Park?

For the past three years, Shakhzod has been working tirelessly for the benefit of IT Park. Shakhzod reminisces about the hardships of his early career. However, he believes that work difficulties are an inevitable aspect of any professional activity, and it is important to be able to quickly adapt to new situations and find solutions to problems.

“Every profession has its own difficulties. They are an integral part of professional growth and development. One of the main challenges I can point out is the need to constantly monitor changes in the IT field and update your knowledge and skills accordingly. Information technology is developing very quickly, and in order to keep abreast of all the new products and trends, you need to constantly learn and improve.

In addition, we may have unforeseen situations that need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. But thanks to teamwork and the support of colleagues, we always find solutions.”

Our hero loves his job very much and values the team. He recalls moments from the life of IT Park related to his activities in the organization.

“I try to look for funny moments in everything that surrounds me. I want to remember them in 10-20 years with a smile. I think it's important to find joy and humor in your work, and don't forget that IT Park is a community of like-minded people, people here support a positive attitude.”

In his work, he is inspired by the opportunity to work with experts in their field, learn from them and share knowledge and experience.

Shakhzod is happy that IT Park provides many opportunities for successful career growth of the new generation, helps to improve the quality of life of the population and makes a significant contribution to the development of our country's economy.

“Working at IT Park is a great choice for anyone who wants to be part of an innovative community, it is a team of highly qualified professionals, versatile and interesting people who are focused on achieving results and striving for the best. It's great to be surrounded by motivated and energetic people, it helps to move forward. I work with professionals in their field who are always ready to share experience, knowledge and support each other in their work.

Here I can attend various events, conferences and seminars, meet different people and establish a useful network, which helps me develop my skills and build my professional path. And I believe that IT Park gives me the opportunity to contribute to the development of information technology. And the most important thing is to be a part of something big and important.”

What do you think about the IT-sphere of Uzbekistan?

In recent years, the IT industry, Shakhzod continues, has been actively developing thanks to government support and growing interest from young people.

“In 2020, the government of Uzbekistan adopted the Digital Uzbekistan program, which is aimed at supporting the development of the IT industry in the country. We have many promising IT start-ups and companies in our country, many talented young people, so there will be more achievements in the future.”

According to Shakhzod, IT Park is one of the key centers for the development of information technologies in the Central Asian region, which attracts the attention of foreign investors and entrepreneurs, which helps to improve the business climate in the country.

“IT Park plays an important role in the implementation of new information technologies in the country by supporting various IT projects, organizing digital skills courses, supporting start-ups and helping young people develop their careers in this field. The organization attracts talented professionals and entrepreneurs who are working to create new and innovative products and services."

Tell us about your hobbies and dreams

We can say that our hero leads an active and eventful life. Shakhzod devotes his free time to his favorite activities - sports and active recreation, which help him maintain physical fitness and affect his well-being and mood.

“Doing sports helps me to keep myself in control, helps me to cope with all the tasks and maintain a balance between work and leisure. I also like to spend time in nature and walk on foot, it gives me the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view and clean air. For me, this is a great chance to switch over and relax after working days.”

If you want to become part of the IT Park family, send your resume to the email address: hr@it-park.u