Faces of IT Park: Umida Odilova — Specialist in External Market Analysis and Monitoring

Continue to introduce you to our team in the “IT Park in Faces” column. In this new installment, we present to you 22-year-old Umida Odilova, the Chief Manager for External Market Promotion in the Investment and International Relations Department.

Umida graduated from Webster University in Uzbekistan with a major in Economics. During her university studies, she spent two semesters on exchange programs: one at Korea University in Seoul and the other at Websterʼs branch in Vienna, Austria.

How did you end up at IT Park?

I worked on a contract basis for one of the UNDP projects. As soon as my contract ended, my supervisor forwarded my resume to various organizations, along with a personal recommendation from himself. The next day, I received a call from IT Park inviting me for an interview.

Thus, in 2022, I joined the team as an intern. Approximately a month later, I was hired as the Chief Specialist in External Market Analysis and Monitoring. I officially became an employee of IT Park on my birthday. Itʼs amusing that if the HR manager had called me a day later, I might have been working in a consulting firm or an international project, never experiencing the atmosphere of IT Park.

Why specifically IT Park?

For me, IT Park is a source of endless energy. I appreciate the organizational atmosphere here. Youthful team and creative thinking are highly valued. I have a deep affection for the team with whom we accomplish more projects than seem possible.

The leadership consistently supports the ideas and independent thinking of employees. Many of the projects I lead were proposed by me and received approval from the leadership.

About responsibilities

The International Department serves as the initial point of contact for our foreign partners. Our work not only impacts the impression of IT Park but also shapes the perception of the IT sector in Uzbekistan as a whole. The better I prepare for meetings, the better we present ourselves in the eyes of foreign companies, and the more opportunities they may offer us.

My primary responsibilities involve establishing connections with international and foreign organizations. To accomplish this, I research the organizations themselves, their financial standing, political and cultural nuances, as well as the specifics of the IT market in their countries. Subsequently, we develop proposals and engage in negotiations for collaboration. Once agreements are signed, I oversee these projects.

I have successfully managed several grant projects, organized numerous business trips and events, and conducted personal meetings with over a hundred representatives of foreign companies. In terms of regions, I mainly work with the Asian region, including South Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore.

Regarding amusing moments at work

I find it amusing how people from different countries address me. For instance, the Japanese refer to me as “Umida-san”, the Koreans as “Umida-nim”, and Americans often pronounce my name as “Yumida” or even “Umayda”.

Quite frequently, I am addressed as ʼMr. Umida.ʼ This is because our initial communication with foreign companies is usually through email. Therefore, many partners, until they arrive in the country for a face-to-face meeting, donʼt even have a clear idea of what I look like.

What are your thoughts on the IT sector in Uzbekistan?

I frequently engage with foreign technology parks and companies. We exchange experiences and discuss the pace and conditions for development in our respective countries.

I believe that Uzbekistan has one of the most dynamically evolving IT sectors globally. While our sector may still be relatively small compared to other countries, its growth rates are impressive.

It is crucial to continue supporting the development of the IT sector, creating favorable conditions for startups and entrepreneurs, and advancing educational programs in the field of information technology.

Regarding hobbies

Since childhood, I have had a passion for painting. Although my free time has become scarcer, I always strive to find the time and reasons to pick up brushes and paints. Even in the office, while everyone is decorating their offices for a holiday, I paint with gouache on doors, windows, and cabinets.