IT Park is strengthening international ties at Dubai Fintech Summit

As part of the IT Park Uzbekistan delegation's visit to the UAE for the Dubai Fintech Summit, Executive Director of the organization Abdulahad Kuchkarov conducted negotiations with 5 prominent companies in the fintech industry – in particular, Beta Information Technology, VFS Global, Venture Dive, LynQ and Psi Finance.


Beta Information

Beta Information stands as a leading company in integrating IT solutions across cybersecurity, cloud technologies, data infrastructure, and related domains. Mohankumar Danapal, Senior Business Development Manager at Beta Information, shared that the company's current strategy involves entering the Central Asian market, and the conditions created in Uzbekistan are considered the most effective for a rapid launch of regional representation in our country. Both parties concurred to pursue ongoing negotiations to facilitate the establishment of an office under the Regional HQ program and product sales to Central Asian countries from Uzbekistan.


VFS Global

A subsequent meeting transpired with Olga Nekrasova, Senior Business Development Manager at VFS Global. VFS Global specializes in offering consultancy services in the fields of outsourcing and offshoring worldwide. Abdulahad Kuchkarov presented Uzbekistan's IT and BPO sector, showcasing its robust infrastructure and the substantial workforce comprising over 21 million individuals of employable age. In turn, Nekrasova expressed readiness to extend requisite support in enhancing Uzbekistan's visibility and promoting our market as a novel offshore outsourcing destination for IT and BPO companies. Additionally, an agreement was concluded to establish a regional office of VFS Global in Uzbekistan.


Venture Dive

Venture Dive, an award-winning company with offices in Silicon Valley, London, Dubai, Karachi, and other cities worldwide. Founded in 2012, Venture Dive is dedicated to digital developments and creates cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing people's lives globally. Additionally, the company has facilitated two startups in achieving unicorn status and has implemented several initiatives for the digital transformation of large enterprises.

Faraz Amjad, Business Growth Advisor at Venture Dive, was impressed by the diverse array of popular IT specializations in Uzbekistan, as well as the preferential programs tailored to support both nascent startups and major IT and BPO giants. Both parties have agreed to convene for an additional meeting to discuss the establishment of a Venture Dive office in Uzbekistan.



LynQ is a company that integrates digital and AI tools, alongside company data, to cluster stored knowledge, thereby facilitating the creation of potent virtual assistants and optimizing operational processes. Present at the meeting was the founder of LynQ, Ihab Achkar, who is currently in the process of establishing an office in Uzbekistan. By the conclusion of May, the company will be officially represented in our country.

Furthermore, Mr. Achkar expressed profound admiration for the initiatives undertaken to transform Uzbekistan into a new regional technological hub. Plans are underway to cultivate collaborative projects between LynQ and IT Park Uzbekistan, aimed at attracting new international enterprises to Uzbekistan and showcasing the nation's IT potential on the global stage.


Psi Finance

Within the framework of B2B meetings with potential partners, Abdulahad Kuchkarov also engaged in negotiations with the founder of the fintech company Psi Finance, Jesper Kristensen. Psi Finance is dedicated to crafting revolutionary solutions in the realms of financial technology and cryptoeconomics, integrating innovative developments at the intersection of traditional applications and blockchain technology.

Mr. Kristensen expressed interest in establishing an office and advancing projects in Uzbekistan within a span of one month. Such a strategic move serves as a catalyst for the advancement of the blockchain industry within our nation, bringing cutting-edge expertise and technologies from leading experts in the field of cryptoeconomics.