IT Park Uzbekistan partnered The Nexus24, presenting the tech landscape of Uzbekistan

A significant gathering in the outsourcing sector known as The Nexus event has recently attracted the attention of numerous key players. As one of the event's partners, IT Park Uzbekistan significantly increased awareness about Uzbekistan on the world stage through their active participation.

Nexus24 is the premier conference in the USA, offering a platform for sharing experiences, gaining new insights as well as networking and creating business opportunities. The conference attracts industry leaders in technology and IT services, customer experience management, outsourcing, consulting, and more.

The ability of The Nexus event to attract leading outsourcing professionals and businesses is well-known. This year was no exception, with participants forming crucial business connections and establishing new partnerships on creating cutting-edge technologies. Nexus gives an extraordinary stage for business delegates to examine the most recent patterns and valuable learning experiences in rethinking.

IT Park Uzbekistan representatives consisted of Ahmed Aboulezz, Advisor to the CEO of IT Park, and Sultonmurod Rasulov, Head of Northern America division, actively participated in the event's activities, carrying out numerous productive meetings and negotiations. 

Notably, meetings with representatives of Response BPO, Inetum Digital Services, Continuum Global Solutions, and DataArt revealed a strong interest of the Northern America in the market of Uzbekistan, and opportunities created in the country for outsourcing companies. These meetings demonstrate the significant interest in our region and open up new possibilities for the growth of outsourcing in Uzbekistan. All of them were invited to the Global Business Services Forum this July 24th. 

IT Park Uzbekistan gained valuable networking and increased its international recognition as a result of the event's conclusion. Overall, IT Park Uzbekistan's participation in the Nexus event was an important step towards strengthening Uzbekistan's position as an attractive hub for outsourcing and IT innovation for the Northern America region.