Startup Meetup: IT in banking sector

On February 7, at 18:30, a Startup Meetup will be held at the Tashkent branch of IT Park on the topic “Preconditions and development of IT solutions in the financial sector and their projection on the development of the banking business in Uzbekistan. The event is organized by IT Park, Unique Present/Change UP and Rocket Science.

During the meetup, the speakers will talk about their experience in a project that began at the Bank more than 4 years ago: 

  • experience in implementing the superapp concept through a single proxy back; 
  • solving the historical problem of several internal mobile apps of the bank by combining them into a single mobile platform;
  • reducing the cost of supporting business apps and integrations implemented on different protocols;
  • solving the pains of the information security service by reducing the number of systems “sticking out”.

The experts will also share their experience in solving problems when creating a backend on microservices for an investment app in MTS Bank, will reveal the details of launching an individual course for bank developers, and, using the example of their team, will tell how you can safely and effectively prepare newcomers in a team to work with complex and critical systems  IT-infrastructure of the bank. 

Additionally, students will learn how E2E testing can significantly reduce the risk of downtime and failure of critical systems in a bank, and how E2E testing provides coverage and helps solve resiliency issues on a reasonable budget. 

The meeting participants will have a unique opportunity – a technical audit of a banking solution or system, with a report on identified problems and an assessment of the technical potential for development and scaling.

The speakers of the event will be:

  • Rocket Science Managing Partner Kirill Pivovarov. Expert of the banking market of the Russian Federation. Speaker and participant of discussion panels at many Russian and international banking conferences. 19 years in IT, including 12 years in financial automation;
  • CTO Rocket Science Dmitry Kuznetsov. Specialization in architecture and development of high-load banking backend apps;
  • Andrey Shemetov, partner and CEO of Rocket Science. 23 years in the IT field, 6 years of experience in Russian banking automation;
  • Tech lead, Rocket Science Stanislav Usenkov. More than 5 years of experience in developing critical banking solutions. Backend project of the “Single Mobile App” for employees of Sovcombank and partner organizations that issue Halva cards;
  • Head of Development at Rocket Science Roman Polukoshko. 12 years of experience in team management, more than 4 years in business automation and audit of development processes. Author of the study “Digitalization of the financial sector of the Russian Federation in the era of COVID as an integral part of the formation of digital thinking in society”.

Meetup will be held in Russian. Applications for registration can be sent until February 7, 15:00 at the link:

Recall that Rocket Science has been operating since 2011 and during this time has completed more than 50 successful projects for banks and fintech companies from the Russian Federation, Israel, Estonia, Georgia and Lithuania.