Strengthening IT Ties: IT Park Uzbekistan Meets with KoBiz Alliance

IT Park Uzbekistan recently hosted a significant meeting with representatives from KoBiz Alliance Co., Ltd., Siha CNC Co., Ltd., and AKITA University, South Korea. This meeting aimed to explore collaboration opportunities and future plans for IT development in Uzbekistan.

BizData is a specialized company in Autonomous Operating System (AOS) services, possessing core competencies in data computing, artificial intelligence, and interface technology, which are essential for autonomous operation services. Based on these technologies, the company provides comprehensive services necessary for autonomous operation, including platform construction utilizing data, data analysis, and AI solutions. Also, BizData - a company with a $10 million investment portfolio, has opened its facility in Uzbekistan this year - KoBiz.

The discussion primarily revolved around the introduction of IT Park's facilities and services, as well as the strategic plans of KoBiz Alliance for their future in Uzbekistan. The participants delved into perspectives of cooperation between IT Park and KoBiz Alliance, highlighting areas such as autonomous operating systems, data computing, and AI solutions. KoBiz Alliance has become a member of IT Park and aims to hire Uzbek talents with plans to outsource their processes. 

In particular, the company plans to establish a faculty based on Turin University, set to open in September 2024 in collaboration with Korean IT associations. This faculty will implement IT programs that are in high demand in Korea. Also, KoBiz Alliance expressed their intentions to bring 30 IT companies to the ICT Week in Tashkent this September. This year, the university plans to admit 900 students, with a long-term goal of training up to 30,000 IT specialists who will meet the high outsourcing demands from Korean companies. KoBiz Alliance was encouraged to participate in the Zero Risk program and consider opening their next office in the Fergana Valley, where there is a significant number of Korean-speaking individuals.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with both parties recognizing the further plans. KoBiz Alliance's interest in leveraging IT Park as a hub for their operations in Central Asia marks a promising step towards enhancing Uzbekistan's IT landscape. This collaboration is expected to foster innovation and drive significant growth in the IT sector, benefiting both Uzbekistan and its international partners.

By building strong international partnerships, IT Park Uzbekistan continues to pave the way for the country to emerge as a leading IT hub and outsourcing destination in the region.