The CEO of IT Park held meetings with residents of the Khorezm region

Farkhod Ibragimov, the CEO of IT Park, conducted a visit to the Khorezm region to acquaint himself with the infrastructure and engage with local residents. During these engagements, discussions centered around plans to enhance the export of IT and BPO services and attract foreign outsourcing companies to the region.

The negotiations encompassed the development of the country's human capital and the reinforcement of workforce training programs. Given the substantial interest of foreign partners in collaborating with Uzbekistan and establishing IT and business process outsourcing from our country, skilled professionals are deemed the cornerstone of the nation's export potential.

In this regard, agreements were reached on actively augmenting the number of professionals in the region through collaboration with educational institutions. Joint efforts will aid to expand the volume of IT and BPO services provided abroad, as well as mitigate unemployment rates and significantly increase the digital sector's contribution  to the economy.

To monitor the effectiveness of workforce training, Farkhod Ibragimov visited educational IT centers in the region and familiarized himself with the process of preparing specialists for employment in export-oriented companies.

During the visit, Farkhod Ibragimov also participated in the official opening ceremony of the new branch of Najot Ta'lim in the Khorezm region. Spanning an area of 1200 square meters, this educational center opened its doors to all those aspiring to master contemporary IT and digital professions and become part of the country's IT ecosystem. Najot Ta'lim specializes in training specialists in popular programming stacks, as well as in marketing and design.

The Khorezm branch boasts a capacity exceeding 1000 students, who are poised to contribute to the extensive talent pool of the country and make their mark in Uzbekistan's IT exports. According to statistics, 95% of graduates secure employment immediately upon completing their education, with over half employed in foreign companies through outsourcing. As motivation for future students of the new branch, the CEO of IT Park presented Najot Ta'lim with a certificate for 5 laptops, to be awarded to the first 5 graduates who successfully complete the courses and secure employed in an IT company.

Moreover, Farhod Ibragimov visited the Practicum Academy, which aims to popularize the IT field in the Khorezm region while simultaneously educating over 350 students in both programming and English language proficiency.

The Director of Practicum Academy, Umidjon Jumaniyazov, informed Farkhod Ibragimov that in order to achieve these goals, the academy is establishing an educational ecosystem aligned with international standards, coveted by foreign entities. The academy commenced operations in February, with a current enrollment of over 50 students.

In conclusion of the visit, Farkhod Ibragimov convened with Shahzod Sobirov, the founder and director of the private International School Data, wherein youths aged 6-17 can obtain secondary education with an emphasis on foreign languages and IT disciplines. Representatives of the school organized a tour of the school building for the CEO of IT Park, where the final touches are being completed before the commencement of the new academic year.

Shahzod Sobirov expounded upon the school's mission to nurture a generation of intelligent, innovative thinkers equipped with competitive knowledge and skills upon completion of their studies. The school can simultaneously accommodate up to 400 students and is slated to commence operations in September of the current year.