The Korean company Hoca Inc. is planning to open an office in Andijan

On October 25th, the General Director of IT Park, Mr. Farhod Ibragimov, met with Mr. Park Hyung Jun, the CEO of Hoca Inc.

Hoca Inc. within the framework of ICTWEEK, it decided to become a resident of IT Park and open an office in Andijan, which plans to attract local specialists and create more than 50 jobs in the first year. The head of the company also expressed interest in receiving the Zero Risk service.

Currently, the company is in the process of applying for residency at IT Park. Furthermore, IT Park assisted the company in recruiting 11 programming specialists in Andijan and the Tashkent region.

Hoca Inc. is a software development company based in Seoul, South Korea. The company currently employs 35 individuals and collaborates with 14 Uzbek citizens who work remotely as freelancers.

The primary areas of activity for Hoca Inc. include the development of responsive websites and web applications, as well as the development of applications for IOS and Android platforms.