Uzbekistan’s fintech sector showcased at Dubai Fintech Summit

A delegation from Uzbekistan, led by Executive Director Abdulahad Kuchkarov and resident companies of IT Park, participated in the Dubai FinTech Summit — one of the biggest fintech events, bringing together over 100 prominent international enterprises in financial technology.

The summit serves as a platform for the exchange of expertise and the forging of new partnership agreements among its attendees. Furthermore, the program encompasses an exhibition pavilion, wherein representatives of successful technological organizations present their developments.

As exhibitors, the IT Park Uzbekistan team elucidated upon the advantages of conducting business within Uzbekistan, the present condition of the local fintech sector, and the presence of modern infrastructure. Delegates from other enterprises evinced interest in the IT specialist market and governmental backing, both of which act as catalysts for the swift advancement and expansion of IT and BPO companies in Uzbekistan.

Moreover, as part of the main program, Executive Director of IT Park, Abdulahad Kuchkarov, shared insights into the achievements in the advancement of the swiftly burgeoning financial technology market, and expounded upon the preferences tailored for export-oriented companies, aimed at streamlining operational processes.

The human resource potential of Uzbekistan rightfully stands as one of the most compelling factors for foreign enterprises seeking to enter our market. Summit participants posed numerous inquiries regarding hiring Uzbek specialists for outsourcing.