Within the preparation for Demo Day, a workshop will be conducted

On November 16th, an online workshop will be conducted for the top 50 teams continuing in the President Tech Award competition, with a total prize fund of $1 million. This event is organized in collaboration with Plug and Play experts to assist participants in preparing their final presentations and explanations for Demo Day.

Plug and Play experts will evaluate startup projects based on the following 10 criteria:

  • Target Market — Assessment of the addressed market, its size, and growth potential. Special attention is given to a clear definition of the target audience.
  • Problem or Need — Identification of the relevance of the problem or need addressed by the proposed product or service. Startups should tackle significant problems or satisfy substantial customer needs.
  • Solution — Product or service: better, faster, cheaper, simpler, or more complex, higher quality, more efficient, convenient, purposeful.
  • Team, Board of Directors, Consultants — Analysis of the team’s competencies, industry knowledge, leadership experience, and previous successes or failures.
  • Traction — Planned stages, MVP creation, market validation, key success indicators, user/revenue growth.
  • Competition and Competitive Advantages — Direct or indirect competition, market entry barriers, presence of partners and investors.
  • Revenue Model — Clear revenue model, sales cycle, ARPU, customer LTV, recurring or one-time revenue.
  • Strategy — Key expenses/temporal efforts — marketing strategy, CAC, cost of providing product/service, personnel costs, partnership relations.
  • Financial Forecasts — Logical, based on the number of clients/units, realistic profit, scalability of the project.
  • Overall Presentation/Q&A — Experts will assess the clarity, persuasiveness, passion of the presentation, as well as the effectiveness of responses to questions, knowledge of facts and figures, honesty, and attractiveness of the project presentation.

Each criterion will be assessed on a five-point scale.

To participate in the final day of the event on November 24, it is necessary to complete the registration form: https://forms.gle/5YUgqszF3nrUbKGi9