Requirements for obtaining the status of a Technopark resident
  • Must be registered as a legal entity on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Carry out the type (s) of activity in accordance with Appendix No. 2 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 589 “On the procedure for organizing the activities of the Technological Park of software products and information technologies” dated 15.07.2019.
  • Have an economically justified business plan for the type of activity carried out, as indicated in the List.
List of activities allowed for implementation by residents of the Technological Park of software products and information technologies

1. Design, development, implementation (including granting permission to use the software, assignment (transfer) of the exclusive right to the software) of software, including cross platforming computer games.

2. Provision of services for the implementation or execution of particular stages of implementation, support, maintenance of software, including training (advanced training) with this software.

3. Revision and modification of the software.

4. Creating databases in the process of developing information systems and software, preparing records for these databases in a given format, providing access to them, supporting them, and maintaining them.

5. Activity on data processing using the software.

6. Providing advertising space in your software or otherwise making a profit from additional software features.

7. Development and implementation of automated control systems.

8. Analysis of information needs of legal entities (system analysis, business analysis), consulting on the use of information technologies for innovation (reengineering) of business procedures with the development of technical requirements for information systems and software.

9. Audit of information systems and software in the process of their development, implementation, and operation for compliance with technical requirements and (or) information needs of users.

10. Provision of automated services, through software developed by a resident of the Technopark, for searching, selecting, processing, and sorting data at the request of third parties, and providing them with information.

11. Providing services to non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the development, management (implementation) of administrative and business processes (outsourcing of business processes) using software (software and hardware).

12. Implementation of materials, technologies, devices, and systems of micro-, opto - and nanoelectronics, microelectromechanical, and compatible embedded software developed by the Technopark resident.

13. Development (research, design (construction), testing, technical testing) of equipment for data transmission systems, technologies, devices and systems of radar, radio navigation, radio communication, radio control, radio frequency identification and implementation of the results of such developments with or without the provision of services for their development in production.

14. Development or different stages of development (research, design, construction, prototyping, testing), production (non-industrial) of high-tech systems and devices, software and hardware and software compatible with them, as well as the sale of manufactured products and (or) development results with or without the provision of services for their development in production.

15. Activities for technical and (or) cryptographic protection of information, including the use of an electronic digital signature.

16. Activities connected to the development, implementation, and execution of the concept of a computing and communication network of physical objects equipped with built-in technologies for interacting with each other and with the external atmosphere (Internet of things);

17. Educational activities in the field of information and communication technologies, including through the Internet, according to programs approved by the Technopark Directorate.

18. Exporting information services via the Internet.

19. Services in the field of multimedia and design (web design, graphic design, computer game design, vector graphics, 3D graphics, visual design, interface design, technical design, motion design).

20. Development of animated products using software.

21. Venture financing and implementation of acceleration programs in the field of information technology.

22. Providing services in the field of cybersports.

23. Provision of services by organizations with a higher share of service exports in the total volume of services relative to the volume of services provided for the domestic market, operating in at least two or more foreign countries.

Note. Attribution to the types of activities, providing explanations on them is carried out by the Expert Council of the Directorate.