A new branch of IT Park to open in Gulistan and the competition of ‘Young programmers’


In order to implement the third initiative of the President, to form the IT community and to get acquainted with the current activities on creating branches of IT Park, last week the IT Park Delegation met with the Deputy khokim of Gulistan district.

It is determined that on June 30, 2020 next branch of IT Park will open in the Syrdarya region, in the city of Gulistan. This IT Park will consist of a two-story building with an area of 1,800 square meters, and will also include: IT Center, co-working area, office space, event area, kitchen, cafe, three study rooms and an eSports auditorium.

The IT Center will accommodate 300 students and will be able to train subjects such as:

•  Computer literacy;

•  Advanced MS Office;

•  Web programming languages;

•  Basic graphics and design;

•  Mobile app development;

•  Python programming language;

•  Mobile robotics based on Arduino and LegoMindstorm;

•  eSports based on the world-famous eSport games CounterStrikeGlobalOffensive, Dota 2 and FIFA20.

IT Park does everything possible to develop the IT sector in Uzbekistan and increase the number of young people interested in IT.

The “One Million Uzbek Coders” project in the Syrdarya region managed to recruit 819 people, out of which 85 people received certificates and 43 people became graduates of the project and successfully completed their trainings.

In June 2020, it is planned to open branches of the IT Center in districts of the Syrdarya region as Gulistan, Khavas and Yangier. In total, 8 branches of IT Centers will be opened in Syrdarya region by the end of 2020.

Additionally, one IT company - LLC ‘VIBRANIUM TECHNOLOGIES’ - runs as a resident of IT Park in Syrdarya region.

Projects implemented by LLC ‘VIBRANIUM TECHNOLOGIES’:

1. SocialDistance – is an application that is designed to prevent the spread of coronovirus.

The app allows you to record the location and time of two or more mobile devices via Bluetooth. (ready product)

2. WeGetTravel – digitalization of the tourism industry. This solution includes:

- Hotellier - hotel management (ready product)

- GuideAround - search for guides (ready product)

- WeGet.Travel - booking

- Traveller - management of travel agencies

- Transporter – management of transport companies

- PoS - management of restaurant.

3. Major.ai – smart screen for Khokim. It allows instant receipt of all information on cities and districts, statistics in all directions, online reporting, rapid response to problems in cities and districts. (project concept)

It is also worth noting that as a part of new branch opening in Gulistan, a competition ‘Young programmers’ will be held, in which creative and talented young people can participate with their own elaborations, programs and projects.

The main goal of the competition is to identify creative and talented young people, support their innovative elaborations, and increase the creative activity of young people related to IT spheres.

The competition will be held in one category – ‘The best innovative and useful elaborations".

Winners will receive prizes:

1st place-Redmi 8

2nd place-MiBand 4

3rd place - Powerbank

Students of schools, colleges and lyceums, as well as University students can take part in the competition.

The competition will present innovative and useful elaborations for various fields of activities, programs aimed at using modern technologies and programs that manage large amounts of data.

The winners of the competition will receive prizes, new beginners surely get experience.

To participate in the competition, you must register through link: https://clck.ru/P6E6Y