Edusession: "The Future of IT in Uzbekistan"

On March 29 at 16:00 at the Tashkent branch of IT Park, the next meeting will be held as part of the Edusession.

The theme of the new meeting is "The Future of IT in Uzbekistan".

The speaker of the session will be the head of the IT Community of Uzbekistan - Shavkat Karimov.

During the session, he will talk about his vision of the future of IT in Uzbekistan, about his cases and the prospects for the development of the IT-industry, and also explain why the future lies with it.

The session will be held in Russian. Participation in the event is free of charge.

Applications will be accepted until March 28 at the following link:

Recall that the Edusession program is aimed at supporting young people who are interested in becoming part of the global IT community, building a career and starting to earn money.

Events within Edusession are held weekly in offline and online format. During the sessions, participants can gain knowledge in the chosen area (development, design, analytics, and others), learn about launching their own projects and career opportunities in the best companies in the world, improve their skills while working with experts, establish networking, and so on.

Information about the Speaker:

Shavkat Karimov is the head of the IT Community of Uzbekistan, an entrepreneur and top manager, and the owner of several small companies in Russia and the United States. For the past three years, he has served as head of search engine optimization at Microsoft, managing one of the largest tech communities in the world called Answers. Until that time, Shavkat Karimov was a director in various companies, until recently he was a vice president in the global company BOLD, an international leader in job search, resume preparation and career development.

By education he is a lawyer (international law) and a director of feature films. He lived and worked in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, France, Russia, Turkey, Guatemala. Mentor, Investor

He is from Uzbekistan, received an American green card as an outstanding person (EB1A: Extraordinary Alien). Shavkat returned to his homeland to share his accumulated experience in large international companies with the younger generation of Uzbekistan.

Learn more about Shavkat Karimov on his professional profile page: