Hackathon for female developers from Central Asia

IT Park announces the start of accepting applications for participation in the Central Asian hackathon Tumaris.Hack from September 26th.

Tumaris.Hack is an online competition for girls from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.  Within the framework of the program, the participants will have to develop prototypes of products that solve social and economic problems in two days of work with the support of mentors. Projects should be aimed at solving the problems of society and the economy, they should be distinguished by scientific and technological novelty and work at the intersection of various disciplines.

The competition will be held with the support of the USAID Entrepreneurship and Business Environment Development Project, the partners of the hackathon are Beeline Uzbekistan, TBC Bank and Huawei.

The hackathon will be held in the following three areas:

• FinTech (development of applications, websites or efficient algorithms that contribute to the development of financial technologies or solve problems in this area);

• E-commerce (innovations in e commerce, the introduction of which should help increase online sales, increase exports and promote goods in local and foreign markets);

• DeepTech (development of products using artificial intelligence, neurotechnologies, robotics and new materials).

Applications for participation in the hackathon can be submitted both as a team (up to 3 people) and individual (participants who applied alone will be formed into teams in the future).  Note that in a team of 3 people, two participants must be girls, or a girl must lead the team.

The event will proceed in Russian from November 4 to 6 in an online format.

The total prize fund of the hackathon is: $8,000 (in valuable prizes).

Registration is open until November 1 at the link:


Partners in the countries of Central Asia are:

• Wonder Women - a community where every woman striving for development can find like-minded people;

• MOST Business Incubator - the first private business incubator in Kazakhstan and Central Asia;

• Ololo—a creative hub and future city for digital nomads in Kyrgyzstan;

• Accelerate Prosperity—a new global initiative providing technical expertise, creative finance and market connections for small and medium businesses in Kyrgyzstan;

• Ilmxona— skills accelerator that trains and employs people in technology and design in Tajikistan;

• StartUp Academy - a program for upskilling business or business idea, as well as an effective way to find an investor for rapid growth and development in Turkmenistan;

• Harman consulting—consulting center for the provision of quality services to small businesses in Turkmenistan in outsourcing services.