How was the “IT Park 2024: Achievements & Vision” event

On January 31, the event “IT Park 2024: Achievements & Vision” took place in the conference hall of the Ministry of Digital Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, summarizing the achievements of IT Park Uzbekistan in 2023.

During his visit to IT Park on December 20, 2023, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev outlined a set of tasks aimed at further enhancing the operations of IT Park. Notably, specific emphasis was placed on crucial matters such as facilitating the international presence of local companies and attracting foreign companies to Uzbekistan.

The event featured a presentation detailing the planned efforts to effectively execute the tasks outlined by the President, with a special emphasis on fostering collaborative partnerships with both domestic and international companies.

IT Park 2024: Achievements & Vision brought together representatives from embassies, ministries, agencies, resident companies of IT Park, and media, providing a unique opportunity to acquaint participants with the key accomplishments and future prospects of the digital industry in Uzbekistan.

The Minister of Digital Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sherzod Shermatov, inaugurated the event with an opening speech. He emphasized that the government of Uzbekistan actively supports the export growth of IT services, along with innovative and technological initiatives, providing tax incentives for IT companies.

The Minister underscored that such initiatives are designed to foster the growth of local IT enterprises and cultivate an investment-friendly environment, and attract foreign IT companies to Uzbekistan. Furthermore, he conveyed confidence that, through government support and the active engagement of entrepreneurs, Uzbekistan is poised to substantially enhance its standing in the global digital landscape.

In the course of his presentation, Mr. Farhad Ibragimov, the CEO of IT Park Uzbekistan, delivered a comprehensive review of the organizationʼs activities throughout the year 2023 and imparted valuable insights into the strategic plans and initiatives slated for the forthcoming year.

The export volume of IT Park residents continues to maintain a positive trend and grow rapidly. By the end of 2023, the export volume reached $344 million, which is 2.4 times higher than the corresponding period of the last year. For comparison, the previous yearʼs figure was $140 million.

In particular, 57% ($196 million) of service exports came from service companies, 23% ($79 million) from product companies, and 20% ($69 million) from resident companies providing BPO services. The main export countries were as follows:

USA — 44% ($151 million)

United Kingdom and EU countries — 24% ($82.5 million)

CIS countries — 20% ($69 million)

ATR countries — 8% ($27.5 million)

MENA countries — 4% ($14 million)

It is worth noting that export growth was achieved through the expansion of export-oriented resident companies. By the end of 2023, their number reached 551 companies, which is 1.5 times more than the same period of the previous year.

The number of IT Park residents at the end of 2023 amounted to 1652 companies (523 of them registered in the regions of Uzbekistan and 1129 in Tashkent), including:

362 — educational companies

426 — companies with foreign capital

400 — product companies

890 — service companies

The total volume of services provided by IT Park resident companies in 2023 attained a figure of 12.5 trillion sums. When contrasted with the service volume of the preceding year, which was amounted to 5.1 trillion sums, a notable surge of 2.4 times is discernible.

It is noteworthy that thanks to the incentives provided, IT Park residents contribute to the creation of additional job opportunities and an increase in the number of IT specialists in our country. As of January 1, 2024, over 26,000 individuals were employed in resident companies, including:

18,950 — programmers

4,091 — BPO company employees

2,442 — foreign specialists

736 — IT instructors

Particular attention was devoted to the organizationʼs transformation, with a focus on facilitating the global expansion of local companies and attracting foreign companies to Uzbekistan.

Notably, comprehensive details were provided about the Zero Risk program (tailored for foreign IT companies seeking to enter the Uzbekistan market with minimized risks and costs), Local2Global (supporting local companies in Uzbekistan as they venture into international markets to stimulate their export activities) and Regional Headquarters (providing subsidies to international service companies).

Subsequently, Farukh Rasulev, the Director of the IT Knowledge Development Center, delivered a presentation. The accomplishments of the Center in 2023 were thoroughly showcased, with a specific emphasis on the initiation of projects such as the “Human Resources Agency” and “IT Intern”.

Farukh Rasulev outlined the Centerʼs priority plans, which encompass the recruitment of qualified specialists for companies, the establishment of a unified career center, and the creation of a testing center, all geared towards elevating Uzbekistanʼs IT professionals to meet the global market standard.

Subsequent to the main program, a ceremonial award ceremony for IT Park residents took place:

In the category of “Top IT Exporter of the Year”, the company “East Games” was declared the winner.

The title of “IT Learning Leader” was bestowed upon “Najot Taʼlim”.

“MAAB Innovation” received the award in the “Talent Hunter” category.

In the “Venture Catalyst” category, “Aloqa Ventures” emerged victorious.

The title of “Supporter of the IT Industry” was claimed by Shavkat Karimov, the head of the IT Community of Uzbekistan.

“IT Park 2024: Achievements & Vision” marked a significant milestone in the advancement of Uzbekistanʼs digital industry, reaffirming the pivotal role played by IT Park in attaining strategic objectives associated with economic modernization and fostering the growth of IT services exports, along with driving innovation development of the country.