IT Park and D.Camp join forces to advance the startup ecosystems of Uzbekistan and Korea

As part of the Offshore Outsourcing Tour, a meeting took place between representatives of IT Park and the Korean company D.Camp. The parties discussed cooperation prospects and opportunities for the development of startup projects.

D.Camp stands as South Koreaʼs largest startup hub, actively nurturing startup ventures since 2012. Presently, the hub hosts over 6,200 startups and more than 1,000 development programs. With a turnover of $13 million and a total fund volume of $14 billion, D.Camp boasts 7 offices worldwide, spanning South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

The meeting was attended by Kim Sivan, the head of the D.Camp center in Singapore, Kim Sungwoo, the IT department manager at D.Camp, Doniyor Usmanov, an advisor to UNIDO in Uzbekistan, Jakhongir Radjabov, the Deputy CEO of IT Park for IT product exports and investments, along with employees from the International Department of IT Park Uzbekistan.

Key proposals for collaboration between the parties were presented, encompassing joint support for startups to promote in the markets of both countries, participation of D.Camp in the investment program of Uzbek startups.

Furthemore, discussions centered around organizing joint webinars to showcase startup projects from Uzbekistan. D.Camp intends to invest in Uzbek startups and introduce them to the Korean market.

Moreover, deliberations involved the organization of IT Park events in Korea, which D.Camp will promote among its partners. Specifically, the Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference scheduled for May 25th in Seoul. D.Camp expressed interest in serving as the main channel for promoting IT Park in Korea.

The meeting concluded with a discussion regarding the signing of a memorandum of understanding scheduled for the Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference in Seoul on May 25, 2024. Following the signing of this memorandum, the organization contemplates the establishment of an office in Uzbekistan.

This meeting has paved the way for new prospects in collaboration between IT Park and D.Camp, aimed at fostering the development of startup ecosystems in Uzbekistan and Korea, as well as facilitating the exchange of experiences and resources in the field of information technology.

The cooperation with D.Camp presents Uzbek startups with access to the South Korean market, offering a substantial opportunity for local entrepreneurs. Furthermore, D.Camp's planned investments in Uzbek startups have the potential to bolster innovative projects and foster their prosperous expansion and development.

No less important is the exchange of expertise and resources in the field of information technology between the countries. This entails that Uzbek specialists and entrepreneurs will gain access to cutting-edge knowledge and technologies, which can significantly benefit the development of the local IT sector and elevate its competitiveness on the global stage.

The potential establishment of a D.Camp office in Uzbekistan will facilitate the creation of new employment opportunities and attract foreign investments into the country, thereby fostering economic growth and enhancing the well-being of the Uzbek population.