IT Park and MODME organize the conference "MODME EDTECH CONFERENCE 2021"

On March 13, 2021, an online conference "MODME EDTECH CONFERENCE 2021" will be held, organized by MODME. The conference is organized for everyone who is interested in the field of information technology and wants to learn and develop in this area. IT Park is a partner of this conference.
At the conference, cool and experienced speakers with a huge store of knowledge will reveal and discuss with you the following topical topics:

- the importance of online education in the 21st century;

- development of information technologies in education;

- the importance of the IT industry in all areas of activity.

Speakers are:

1. General Director of IT Park - Farhod Ibragimov;

2. Founder of Cambridge LC, Modme, Selfmade - Jahongir Pulatov;

3. Founder of Khan Academy Uzbekistan, LeBazar, Paynet - Botir Arifdzhanov

4. Founder of Express24, MyTaxi, Workly - Akmal Paiziev;

5. Arzon Apteka - Nigora Akilova;

6. General Director of BILLZ - ​​Rustam Khamdamov;

7. Expert of Yandex-Workshop - Andrey Melnichenko;

8. Founder of Modme - Ruslan Yuldashev;

9. Tech Entrepreneur from Australia - Moustafa Hamwi.

Modern realities every time prove the value and demand for information technology, online education, and everything else that is related to IT. Participation in the conference will be useful for those who share this already established opinion and do not want to lag behind the times.

Date: March 13, 2021

Time: 13:00

Link to register