IT Park hosted an event on obtaining IT-Visa and IT-Card

On July 23, the Tashkent branch of IT Park held an open informal dialogue between all interested in obtaining IT-Visa and IT-Card, as well as representatives of IT Park.

As it was noted at the event, IT-visa is issued to three categories of people:

• investors who invest in the IT sector;

 • founders of technological companies-residents of IT Park;

 • IT-professionals with at least $30,000 in annual income in the last 12 months.

During the meeting, issues of obtaining visas were discussed, for example, whether freelancers and individual entrepreneurs, as well as foreign citizens who have concluded a Civil Agreement Contract agreement with an employer, can apply for a recommendation for an IT-visa and IT-Card.  It was also interesting for visitors to find out whether the presence of an IT-visa and IT-Card guarantees obtaining a Residence Permit, whether an IT-specialist applying for a recommendation for an IT-visa must be an employee of a company that is a resident of IT Park, and also in the case  if an IT-specialist quit his job, whether the IT-visa and IT-Card will be revoked/cancelled and what is the renewal procedure.

The meeting participants were also told about the stages and terms of obtaining visas.  So, after the applicant submits documents for obtaining a visa, IT Park within one working day accepts the application and sends it to the Expert Group for consideration or returns it to the applicant for revision.

Further, within 20 working days, the Expert Group considers the application and makes an appropriate decision, and, if necessary, conducts a remote interview with the applicant.

After that, based on the decision of the Expert Group, IT Park draws up a recommendation within one working day and sends it to the territorial divisions of the Department of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan at the place of temporary residence of the applicant.

In the final part of the event, IT-specialists were given the opportunity to ask additional questions to IT Park representatives.


IT-Visa is a category of multiple entry visa for foreign citizens coming from countries with which Uzbekistan has a visa regime.  It is issued for up to three years with the possibility of extending the period of validity without the need to leave the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

IT-Visa is issued by the territorial divisions of the internal affairs bodies of Uzbekistan at the place of temporary residence of the applicant on the basis of a recommendation from IT Park.  At the same time, family members (spouse, parents, children) are issued a visitor visa.

 IT-Card is a type of recommendation issued by IT Park to foreign citizens, on the basis of which an IT-Visa is issued for citizens with a visa regime, or only an IT-Card for citizens with a visa-free regime.

More about IT-Visa and IT-Card can be found here.