IT Park in faces: Makhliyo Muksinova – from manager to deputy director

The main value of any organization is its employees, who make a significant contribution to improving the performance of the enterprise. That is why IT Park launched the “IT Park in Faces” column, where specialists working here share their hobbies, interests, as well as stories of their career and professional achievements. Their stories inspire not to stand still and move forward.

The guest of the next episode was the Deputy Director for Education Development Makhliyo Muksinova. Outwardly, a fragile and feminine person, at the same time a self-confident girl with a strong character.

Mahliyo is 27 years old. She completed her bachelorʼs degree from Westminster International University and is currently a masterʼs student at the same university. She started working at IT Park in 2019 as a resident registration manager.

“After graduating from the university, I worked in various organizations of the Ministry of ICT. Working in the field of information technology, I took the initiative and was not afraid to take responsibility for the work done. Purposefulness, willingness to do more and the desire to learn everything new are my key competencies.  I think that's why I was invited to a very promising job – in IT Park, which I am immensely happy about. IT Park gives me the opportunity to grow step by step, year after year, increasing my experience and skills”.

In November last year, she was appointed to the position of Deputy Director of Education Development, before that she worked as a Digital Education Development Manager. Now Mahliyo's job responsibilities include managing and creating conditions for expanding the activities and development of IT centers to train competitive qualified IT personnel, increasing the interest and involvement of young people in the IT field, as well as supporting and stimulating IT talents.

Why IT Park?

Mahliyo has been working at IT Park since its inception, putting all the best qualities of himself into it. In her work, she embodies all her experience and achievements, which she directs to the benefit of the organization.

“When I came to work, I saw that the organization had lofty goals and big plans for the near future, which completely coincided with my personal mission.  IT Park allows you to create the authority of Uzbekistan as the largest IT hub, makes a valuable contribution to the development of the economy and prosperity of the country through the development of the IT industry”.

Mahliyo recalls the difficulties she faced early in her career.  However, in order to move up the career ladder, you need to work hard, overcome all difficulties, constantly learn and develop, she assures.

“I am a patriot, a workaholic and a very demanding person, I try to keep up with everything and not stop as long as I have the strength. I believe that to achieve something good and worthwhile in life is possible only by putting a lot of effort and going through difficulties.

In 2020, my son was born. I remember when he was exactly 6 months old, I started working in one of the IT Park educational projects. At that time, it was physically difficult for me to combine work, life and raising a child. There were even times when I went outside with a laptop, with a baby in a stroller, to work on a bench near the house.  Because my son slept longer and sounder”.

Despite the heavy workload and trials, our heroine tried not to give up and grow further.

In her work, she is inspired and filled with the feeling that she contributes and helps people develop, find a niche and earn money to feed their families.

What do you think about the IT-sphere of Uzbekistan?

 As Mahliyo notes, information technologies have already penetrated into all spheres of the socio-economic and socio-political life of the country and continues to develop further and higher.


“IT is a direction, having mastered which no one will get lost and will have their own bread. This is the most unique area – regardless of the place, social status, gender, external data, nation, you can find a job and your place in the IT community”.

IT Park plays an important role in the digital economy of the state and promotes the brand and recognition of Uzbekistan in the world as an advanced and promising country, she assures.

“It is important to note that IT Park is unique in that it helps people of all ages to get the opportunity to master IT knowledge.  In addition, IT Park serves as a bridge and "method of dialogue" between the state and the private sector in the field of IT.  IT companies are being supported to grow and expand”.

Tell us about your hobbies and dreams.

Outside of work, Mahliyo devotes her free time to her family and self-development.

“I have almost no free time.  When I have time I try to spend it with my family, especially with my son.  But development has always been important to me.  I am very demanding of myself.  I am constantly learning.  Now I am completing my last year of study at the magistracy, after which I plan to come to grips with professional development in the field of management”.

The career ladder at IT Park is open to everyone who has the desire and a clear goal to move forward!  If you want to become part of the IT Park team, send your resume to the email address: hr@it-park.u