IT Park Uzbekistan Forge Strategic Alliance with Georgian GameDev Association

In a significant move to strengthen international business ties and explore collaborative opportunities, the delegation from IT Park Uzbekistan met with representatives of the GameDev Association, a leading Georgian company.

Game Dev is a premier association of game developers in Georgia, headed by Giorgi Chkrunishvili. The association comprises 11 companies specializing in game development, including those engaged in CGI development for game trailers and one publisher.

The meeting aimed to explore opportunities for further collaboration between Uzbek and Georgian companies in the gaming industry. Both parties showed interest in strengthening business ties and exchanging expertise to develop the industry in their respective countries.

During the meeting, the potential for further development through Uzbek markets was discussed. Representatives from Game Dev Georgia expressed particular interest in the Zero Risk program and the tax benefits, especially the 7.5% personal income tax rate. The idea of organizing a meetup for the game development industry in the CIS, Caucasus, and Central Asia was also brought up.

Georgian companies showed openness to relocating their employees to Uzbekistan to benefit from the lower personal income tax rate. They are also interested in hiring designers, developers, and content managers in Uzbekistan and expressed readiness to train people in Uzbekistan in this field, recognizing the potential in the country.

The meeting concluded with an agreement that representatives from Game Dev Association would visit Uzbekistan to further explore collaboration opportunities. They were impressed by the progressive, youth talent pool, and in the future it can benefit the company's growth as a regional leader. This partnership could lead to significant developments in the gaming industry, benefiting both countries by creating new opportunities and fostering talent exchange.