Launch of a corporate accelerator for startups!

IT Park, together with Ucell, organized an accelerator for startups who want to implement their project and develop it to the level of a full-fledged company.

The Accelerator from IT Park and Ucell allow startups to get:

Industry expertise from highly qualified Ucell specialists, as well as leading entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan;

Ucell technical base as support;

The extensive spectrum of options for cooperation;

A personal trecker who will play the role of an assistant in the development of the startup;

And, most importantly - an free program and priceless networking with the most robust community.

The program of the accelerator includes:

1. Cooperation

Support in attracting new partners, developing marketing and sales. The advantage of collaboration is the support of experts, exchange of experience, financial support (grant), quick access to consumers( customers), getting valuable advice, and reputation. It will also allow companies to innovate.

2. Educational program.

It includes mentoring support, access to educational resources, events, lectures, workshops, and masterclasses.

3. Technical base.

Providing access to technical resources for testing and developing the product, as well as coworking.

Teams to participate in the accelerator are selected according to the following criteria:

The uniqueness of the idea.

Product advantage;

Ease of project implementation;

The presence of the necessary professional skills of the team members.

The program of acceleration will last two months. During this period there will be held Demo Day (Demo Day is an X day, when startups, after two months of implementation and development of their project, present it to a special Commission, as a result of which the issue of further cooperation with the project will be determined).

The number of experts of the accelerator:

Akmal Salikhov - founder of “VRonica”;

Pak Nadezhda - expert of the business project management Department of “COSCOM” LLC;

Rustam Khamdamov - head of “BILLZ” company. Previously, he worked as a Manager of the B2C product development section at Ucell;

Hikmat Abdurakhmanov - Head of the representative office of the Uzbek-Chinese shopping house;

Akmal Paiziev - head of “MyTaxi” company;

Aziz Rakhimov is one of the founders of the Association of e-Commerce of Uzbekistan;

Usmon Rakhimdzhanov - coordinator of the project “Startup Initiatives.”

To apply to the accelerator, follow the link:

For more information about the accelerator: