May Results: The Number of members Exporters Increased by 42 Companies, 29 of Which Involve Foreign Capital

Uzbekistan continues to solidify its standing in the international market as an IT outsourcing hub. This is evidenced by the increasing interest in the republicʼs IT sector from foreign companies, coupled with the dynamic growth in exports by local members to foreign countries.

By the end of May, 42 export-oriented companies have become members of the IT Park, with 26 of these involving foreign capital from countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, South Korea, China, and others. Thus, the total number of members exporters to date has reached 727, and companies with foreign capital amount to 498.

The core operational domains of the new members are: export of products based on the SaaS model (10 companies), software development, and custom software product development (10), design and multimedia (1), as well as outsourced business process optimization services and educational courses (21).


The new members exporters plan to provide services to the USA, EU countries, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, the UAE, Turkey, APAC region countries, and CIS countries.

It is important to note the growing interest in Uzbekistanʼs IT sector from Asian countries, particularly China, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. An increasing number of companies from this region are entering our market to invest in the IT sector and outsource their key processes, thereby boosting the countryʼs exports and providing employment for our fellow citizens.

Chinese company ZTE REGIONAL SERVICE CENTER is establishing its office in Uzbekistan to centrally provide IT consulting, testing, and custom software development services. Initially, ZTE intends to operate in China and Kazakhstan, with prospects for further expansion.

According to the business plans provided by the 42 new exporters, the total volume of services rendered abroad by the end of the year will reach $28.7 million, and the number of jobs created for Uzbek specialists will exceed 1,200. This, in turn, contributes to the improvement of the populationʼs welfare and the development of professional skills of local specialists, enhancing their competitiveness in the global market.

Specifically, DATA VOLT DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURES from Saudi Arabia has already employed Uzbek specialists and plans further expansion. The company specializes in information services and data storage consulting services.

The South Korean company WEAYAA, which offers custom software development, design, and multimedia product services, highly valued the qualification of Uzbek graphic designers — 10 specialists from Uzbekistan have already been employed at the company, and by the end of this year, the company plans to create an additional 30 new jobs. WEAYAA plans to export design and multimedia services worth $1 million this year.

Another South Korean company, KOBIZ ALLIANCE, provides access to an autonomous water treatment platform for rapid response to changes in water quality. The company will primarily aims to provide outsourcing services for South Korea, for which it plans to create up to 515 new jobs for the country’s youth. The expected export volume is $3 million.

Through the comprehensive government-backed support programs and a highly skilled human resources, Uzbekistan is becoming an increasingly recognizable and attractive hub for global players in outsourcing and investment. This trend contributes to the creation of new high-paying jobs and the growth of IT service and product exports, as well as boosting foreign companiesʼ interest in the Uzbekistan market, making our country sought-after in the global IT arena.