National selection for the international competition “Red Bull Basement” launched in Uzbekistan

“Red Bull Basement” is a major international event from “Red Bull”, for which IT Park is a national partner. Within the framework of the competition, young students - participants must present interesting, creative, and most importantly, technological ideas that can change the world for the better.

The goal is to unite and inspire students to change in a constructive way and have a positive impact on the world now and in the future.

You do not have to be an entrepreneur or inventor to participate - we welcome all students with Uzbek citizenship.

The culmination will be an international final where the finalist teams will present their ideas to an international jury. At all stages of the project, participants will have the opportunity to make useful contacts, get expert advice and much more.

In order to take part in the competition, you must:

1. Come up with a cool idea and record a 60 second video. The video must be in English or in Russian with English subtitles. The video must be uploaded at Video quality is not the main thing: all that matters is your idea. The team can consist of one or two people. Team members must be students over the age of 18 and be able to speak English.

2. Dial voices that will be visible only to the participant. When applications are closed, the organizers will announce a 3-day vote. Community feedback will be part of the criteria for the upcoming jury's ideas, so you need to show that the world needs your idea and get the support of friends, family and acquaintances.

3. The best entries will be admitted to the national jury. The jury will determine the national winner in accordance with the following criteria: the feasibility of the idea, the degree of its impact, creativity and the number of community votes collected at the application stage.

4. Give shape to your idea. In particular, the finalists of the national stage will receive a workspace, individual sessions with expert mentors in their chosen field, and will also prepare for an international meeting.

Every idea is welcome - you can suggest ways to solve acute problems that affect the life of the campus or go further and improve the life of the student community throughout the country. A technological solution can be both the basis of your idea and a part of it. Topics are limited only by your imagination, but to begin with, you can reflect on the following topics: body and mind, career, fighting water pollution, fighting climate change, education, empowering people, energy sources, smart cities.

The team awarded the title of the winner of the 2021 International Final will receive a set of special resources needed to turn their idea into reality.

More information is available at the link: