Startup Story: any event in just one click

The Startup Story column continues to acquaint our subscribers with peculiar projects. This time, the event marketplace and the story behind its creation is on our focus.

How did the startup idea come about?

The event marketplace was established by Kristina Matsarskaya in September 2022 as part of the EBRD mentoring program for business women.

Kristina’s vast experience in tourism industry helped a lot in this regard.

“I have worked in event tourism for many years, which helped me to see the issues and shortcomings of these two areas. At some point, I thought, “Can I fill in the gaps in this area?” Then I realized that I could. That’s how the idea of creating an event marketplace came about.”  is a marketplace designed to search for suppliers of goods and services in the event industry.

There are only two people in the team for now: Kristina herself is responsible for promoting the project and its development, and her partner Alexander Grishin is in charge of the technical part.

What benefits does a startup bring to society?

As Kristina notes, the project, first off, is designed to reduce the time spent on searching for suppliers of goods/services in the event industry.

“Our website covers B2B and B2C segments, and in these areas specifically it is quite challenging to find a conference room from another country, even from ours. You have to call, drive to a place, look for conference rooms, which is time-consuming. That is where our project comes in handy. To find something you need, you no longer need that much of an effort. Just one click and one can find everything. Just by clicking you can reach the supplier directly and book whatever.”

The same situation, Kristina continues, is happening, for instance, with kids’ playgrounds and cafes.

“To celebrate a child’s birthday, mothers start looking for cafes with playgrounds 2 months before the event. We have solved these problems by providing all possible options on our website. You no longer need to call your friends and ask where to find a good cafe with a playground. There is much more to our platform than just cafes and conference rooms. One can find artists, speakers, hosts, team building places, wedding venues and much more that can make one’s event / feast better and easier.”

How the project’s pace is proceeding?

It is always not easy to start a new business. Plans on the paper might not overlap with the reality. Christina recalls that at each stage of the project’s development had its own difficulties. However, she and her partner managed not to give up and overcame obstacles on the way.

Now the project is tapping a new stage of development – the website is being updated with suppliers of goods and services in the event industry from two countries at once: Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

“We are proud that we made such a breakthrough already. For now, we are proceeding on our own, but the resources are limited, hence, the progress is ted slower. For further promotion, the project needs investment, which we are in active search of right now.”

As Kristina notes, participation in Tumaris. Tech project helped a lot.

“This program motivates to go forward, develop and also assists in closing the gaps where they occur. I am especially grateful to the program for helping me in getting ready for investors pitch deck, and above all, for assistance in finding the investors for our startup.”

Christina is sure that everyone can launch a startup, important thing is to find what one is passionate about.

“Uzbekistan has quite a lot of niches where one can launch a certain project. Therefore, the success of each startup founder depends on his skills, knowledge, expertise and, surely, on luck. I wish newbies to assemble a team that consists of people that know what they are doing, and what their ultimate goal is. Listen to your heart and keep on moving forward!”

The project is looking for volunteers at the moment. Follow the link to apply for internship:

The startup will hire the most active ones by the end of internship.