Tech Review: New macOS 14 Sonoma, Closure of Google Podcasts, and More

In our latest technology news compilation, read about the what novelty Apple has introduced, the fate of Google's podcast service and YouTube Premium Lite subscription, and the possibility of hosting AI-generated content on Spotify.

  1. Apple has released macOS 14 Sonoma

Apple has released the final version of macOS for Mac devices.

The operating system boasts several new features:

  • Widgets can be placed on the desktop, not just on the side panel.
  • Safari has been enhanced with multi-profile support.
  • The Presenter Overlay function has been added, allowing presentations to be positioned behind the speaker in any video conferencing application. Video conferences themselves now support interactive reactions.
  • A gaming mode has been introduced to enhance the user experience.
  • PDF files can be viewed within the “Notes” application, and notes can be interlinked using links.
  • Saved passwords can be shared with trusted user groups.


  1. Google will be closing its podcast service and transitioning users to YouTube Music

According to the company, approximately 23% of weekly podcast listeners in the United States prefer YouTube, considering it a more convenient platform compared to the Google Podcasts app. Consequently, the company plans to shut down Google Podcasts.

Content creators will soon gain access to tools for migrating their episodes from Google Podcasts to the YouTube Music platform. They will also be able to add RSS feeds to YouTube, facilitating a smooth transition of their audience to the new platform. The company has not yet announced the exact start date for this migration.

Experts note that Google is increasingly investing in the YouTube Music project, aiming to position it as a competitor to Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.


  1. YouTube is discontinuing its ad-free Premium Lite Subscription

YouTube is discontinuing its Premium Lite subscription, which allowed users to view content without ads. Subscribers have received notifications that the Premium Lite option will no longer be available as of from October 25, 2023.

Subscribers will be offered two alternatives: return to viewing content with ads or purchase a YouTube Premium subscription, which also includes access to YouTube Music.

YouTube has also offered Premium Lite users a one-month trial of the full premium subscription. To avail of this offer, users must either cancel their current subscription or wait for it to expire.

The company acknowledges that the discontinuation of Premium Lite may disappoint subscribers and has pledged to continue working on alternative pricing plans, taking into account user feedback, content creators, and partners.


  1. Spotify has no plans to entirely prohibit music generated by artificial intelligence

The founder of the platform, Daniel Ek, emphasized that AI technologies can be utilized for music creation. He noted that creators can employ various tools, including auto-tuning, to enhance sound quality. Such an approach, he deemed acceptable. However, there are also tools that simulate live performers, which the company considers inappropriate.

The company does not intend to completely prohibit content created using AI, but does prohibit the creation of models that can subsequently generate music.

Currently, Spotify maintains a large team monitoring the presence of such compositions that simulate live performers on the platform.