The meeting of schoolchildren with the residents of IT Park «PDP IT Academy» and «VRonica»

From December 1 to December 2, 2020, the residents of IT Park “PDP IT Academy” and “VRonica” visited School №9 in Tashkent.

On the first day, the representatives of PDP IT Academy visited the school, where they made a presentation and explained why IT sphere is considered to be the most promising and dynamic area.

Furthermore, the representatives of PDP IT Academy played a small interactive game with schoolchildren with the help of which they were able to explain the principles of programming.

On the second day, the representative of VRonica opened the world of VR / AR as well as the gaming industry to the children.

The VRonica representative gave information to the students about VR / AR and explained how computer and mobile games are created.

At the end of each day, children enthusiastically asked different questions to representatives of companies and, at the same time, conversed with them on various topics related to the field of information technology.